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Antacids and Bulking


Sorry if this has been asked before. I tried searching and didn't find anything.

What affect does taking an antacid like Tums have on the absorbtion of nutrients?

I'm bulking right now, so obviously every calorie counts. I know that antacids change the PH of your stomach, but I have no idea what that change means to absorbtion.

Thanks in advance.


I may be wrong, but seeing how Tums consist of calcium, I can't really see how it would affect your food absorbtion in a negative way. However, if you plan on taking something like ZMA, you should not take any calcium supplements or food like cottage cheese within an hour or so of ingesting it. Taking ZMA with calcium will negatively affect the absorbtion.


Cool. Thanks.

I haven't tried ZMA yet. So that's not an issue, but it's good to know I don't have to worry about taking an antacid when I need one.


When I bulk, I ocassionally have the same problem with acid. Usually when I eat things like tomato sauce and certain meats.

Another thing to think about. All multi vitamin/mineral supplements have calcium. So if calcium decreased nutrient absorption, then that would mean a lot of people that are trying to bulk or even get the most out of their food, wouldn't want to take a multi vitamin/mineral supplement. That just doesn't make sense.

Also, having an excess amount of acid is an abnormal condition that happens in your stomach. When you neutralize the out of control acid, your simply bringing it back down to around where it should be. If anything, I see that as being beneficial for absorption. However, if this is happening to you all the time (every day). I would definetly see a doctor. If you let it go and only take Tums over and over and over, eventually you will end up with esophagus damage or cancer from the acid.


It's not everyday. Not even once a week really. Just certain foods (like spaghetti sauce) that do it. Thanks.


Actually,it's because you don't have enough acid.Acid digests food.When you don't produce enough acid your stomach makes it's own,thats what causes heart burn/
acid reflux". Then thats when it can burn your esophagus.Try some organic apple cider vinegar when this happens.Works great for me.


Visit this site if ya don't believe me: http://www.antiaginglifeextension.com/health_matters_minutes/articles/acid_reflux.asp?a=1563&c=&p= .