Ant Ukrain Steroids?

I see you have many excelent and new steroids.In our country from 1956 year to 2005 all stars of powerlifting and weight-athleticeat “Metandrostenolon” (DIANABOL).I am eat him all time when work out.Becous this cheap and we have that without problems.Also i take NANDRALON,and have 100% results.Nandralon excelent keep muscle mass,Metan have powerfull effect in strenght.

well arent you lucky, our country lets us have creatine and no2…inless you have a good doctor

I dont know what is this:doctor

[quote]ant_drugs wrote:
I dont know what is this:doctor[/quote]

A medical professional who can prescribe drugs to a patient…

I take steroids without prescription, they are free!

I don’t know if this guy is legit, but I have it on good authority that what he says is true. ALL weightlifters and powerlifters on that side of the pond use just test and d-bol. The lifters I have talked to have never heard of such things as Anadrol, Halotestin, Primo, Tren, Anavar or EQ. They can’t tell me the difference between Dianabol and methyltest and Oral-Turinabol either. It seems Winstrol, test, GH (which they call by brand name or Somatatropin) and the d-bol is all anyone uses. And to top it off the shit is so close to free its insane. Like 25 cents for an amp of Omnadren!

I travel to europe alot , mainly Poland, Germany , Greece . It’s getting more difficult overthere as well to obtain them but a lot easier then US. Last time i went there i got 2000 pills od dbol PINK thai’s for $50 . omnadren , test depot for 5 amps it’s about $5. However stuff like primo it’s hard to come by too and if you do it’ll cost u $$$. Places like Yugoslavia getting these is just a matter of walking to a pharmacy/ :slight_smile: I’m going there next year to visit a friend :slight_smile:

I know what in your country you have problems with low in connection with steroids.And difficult with sale,coast high. Wher have you take steroids.And if not secret what price?