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first day of a T-bol only cycle (20mg/day) i know it's light but I'm a little nervous, and my nipples and surrounding area feel weird (sensitve, no pain, well it's not a normal feeling) is this normal or am i gonna have tits tomorrow, excuse me I have an extreme fear of gyno.

any help please



If it's just your first day, my guess is it's your "extreme fear of tits."


no, i know the difference between a paranoid delusion and how my body feels. fuck


You're paranoid. T-bol will not cause gyno.


yep, I am paranoid , and I really hope it doesn't, but i didn't take any after yesterday and today I didn't feel weird in pecs-nipples

I did alot of research on this site and the web but didn't see any possible side effects of OT.

guess I'm running blind


It would be impossible to feel anything (real) after only one day. It's your head messing' with you. If it is real TO it should not aromatize anyway.


The 4-chloro attachment inhibits Oral Turninabol's ability to be aromatized.

Quick searches turn that little info up quick. You sure you've done your research?

Just because T-Nation did a write-up on OT, everybody is jumping on the oral only (especially OT) bandwagon? what gives?



The mind is a powerful tool my friend. fuck.


I am laughing hysterically. fuck And I guess everyone is crazy about OT like children are when they see commercials about the new sugar coated high fructose candy bits with marshmallows. Since someone advertises it, we must all run out and get it. Need to have turnibol ... turnibol! I would add some help to you kid, but everyone has given you your answers ... seems you are not listening anyway.


yea, i'm listening, thanks for your opinions, I did some research and I know it says the chance of gyno is rare. Fuck rare, give me numbers, odds, and percentages. That being said, I was trying to find SIDE EFFECTS. I think it might just be a heightened sense of awareness or feeling. I heard d-bol gives you a real feel good effect.


what gives? Here's what gives, I'm a little scared of pumping the stuff with a needle, and OT sounded like a good start for a rookie, like me.

I read all that stuff about aromatizing and it means nothing to me. Aroma = Smell
I'm not a scientist, dammit(in a good way)


When you start lactating, then you will need help, right now chill.


a?ro?ma?tize (ə-rō'mə-tīz') pronunciation
tr.v., -tized, -tiz?ing, -tiz?es.

  1. To make aromatic or fragrant: swirled the wine to aromatize it.
  2. Chemistry. To subject to a reaction that converts a substance into an aromatic compound.

ar?o?mat?ic (ăr'ə-măt'ĭk) pronunciation

  1. Having an aroma; fragrant or sweet-smelling: aromatic herbs.
  2. Chemistry. Of, relating to, or containing one or more six-carbon rings characteristic of the benzene series and related organic groups.


turinabol won't cause gyno.
Now the question is, how confident are you that it's turinabol?
How reassured are you that it isn't dbol or something else?
Still, I don't thing anything can give you gyno in a day?
Maybe a hand full of estrogen pills


man, I didn't say i had gyno in a day, I don't believe that it happens overnight, but my guess is that it happens alittle at a time. When it starts, I don't know.

If anyone would be kind enough to give me dosing advice I'm all ears.
Are you better off splitting the intake 2xday 3xday or all at friggin once.


as far as dosing...it needs to be split up, becuase T-bol has a pretty short half-life (hence it's popularity with Olympic athletes)...also, 20 mg a day is low. probably the lowest effective dose for a male, from what i've read (however, i have not used it yet, so i could be wrong).


yeah it is low but, if he increases until it gives him strength and endurance boosts, most likely he will be complaining that it did not effect him well. i would not go higher than 100mg per day and i allready know what i'm going to have to deal with if i go even that high.
thats all 20 mgs is going to do is give you some softer skin.


how many mgs are the pills? i looked them up and it siad that they are
1,4-androstadiene-3,17-dione 50 mg
5-alpha-androstane-3,17-beta diol 50 mg =100mg's
if this is the same thing that you have take only 1 in the morning.


I call bullshit on your supposed research. You are acting way to freakin paranoid to have done much research. You quit after one day? WTF?

I call bullshit on the whole thing.


Bullshit? AAAHHHH!! I haven't done research on bitch tit, but i know it's real. I didn't quit, in fact it's ON 20 mg's morning and night.

thanks to all for throwing it back.