Answers from Older T Nation Posters

So we can rant about growing up

My parents made my life hell by: making me keep room tidy and do chores before sports practice, I didn’t get that Orange Crate bike from Santa even though I pleaded, we had to say yes Sir and no Ma’am to all adults, getting in trouble at school (except fighting) got whipping at home too, presents demanded written Thank You notes, visits to friends expected polite behavior and eating anything offered, mowing Grandma’s yard and told to decline her offer to pay, decent grades expected without compensation…

Damn, I would hate to go through that hell again :wink:

On a serious note there were: Vietnam and the Cold War scare, massive civil rights unrest, women were causing a ruckus with newly found independence of being in the workforce AND having the Pill, pollution was mostly unregulated, and rise of the recreational drug culture (which of course leads to many societal woes that came to light in the next decades).