Ansomone HGH and Test E

what do you think of running 2iu’s of HGH a day for the anti-aging effect? will this also reduce fat and promote sleep or is higher doses required for these effects? 2iu’s of Ansomone a day and 150mg test e pinned twice a week seems interesting. Would buy enough to be on it for a year.
Anyone familiar with Ansomone? I read great reviews on it different places.

…its insulin in large doses that can give gut and not HGH right?

Yeah ano is generic gh in china, still used in hospitals. At 2iu you will get a good benefit, I would do it fasted upon waking. And 45min pre training on training days. Also yes over use of insulin combined with a inflammatory diet causes distended gut.

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Thanks fellow norse,will see in the near future if i decide to give it a try. Its 388usd for 100iu kit,grey tops.

…have you or someone you know tryed it?

Yeah he’s 5 6 265 shredded he uses it in the off season to offset price.

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Never tried this Anso… but I do use 2iu of pharma hgh… I do hormotrop, a bergamo brand…

great hgh, with time, even this little dose (2iu/ day) can give you great results… if you already have a good shape, know how to train and eat, it’ll do something for you… will keep low bf, better skin, better sleep, better pump, and as I told, with time, you’ll bea able to eat more and more, and add some good shit to your diet, without getting a shadow of fat.

Of course, more hgh, 6iu/ day you’ll get better results… but 2iu, for recreation propouses will do the job.


Not familiar with the brand.

2iu of PHARMA HGH will help with skin, sleep, feelings of well being, hunger, sex drive, skin, nails etc

4iu of PHARMA HGH will help with body composition, namely help burn fat faster and keep you lean, during a cut OR a bulk. Will start to have good synergy with test at this dose, and for bodybuilders this should be the minimum dose for it to be “worth it”. Note that you will not really be building muscle with HGH at this dosage, just staying leaner!

6iu of PHARMA HGH will help you with body composition, both in staying lean AND increasing lean tissue that you can build. Growth hormone at 6 iu/day and above will have a dramatic effect on muscle growth and fat loss, assuming you are combining this dosage with testosterone, if not other compounds as well. HGH at this dosage or higher can really take your physique to the “next level”.

AS for your question about the “gut”, it is speculation. NOBODY KNOWS for sure what causes that gut. Some say insulin, some say SUPER HIGH DOSE (20 iu+) hgh a day AND slin causes this. Shadow pro has some good insight into his belief as to what causes this. I think he believes it has something to do with HIGH DOSE SLIN + HIGH DOSE HGH + extremely high food intake.

I have no experience with the “gut” so I am just parroting information I have read here. I do have some experience with HGH and my experiences match what I have read, which is very similar to what I posted for you.

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Do not bother buying these kinds of “UGL” HGH. Only perhaps 1/10 UGL brands is “legit”. Many of them contain NO HGH or VERY LOW DOSES of HGH. Some of them contain ingredients that make the fingers numb or bloat etc to simulate the side effects of HGH.

Real pharma HGH is much more expensive than this, I Would NEVER buy underground HGH. IT is not comparable to buying underdround steroids! You never know what your getting with underground HGH and on the VERY off chance that it is legit, it will likely be like 1/4 or 1/3 of proper dosages!

The dosing guide I posted in my previous post is for LEGIT PHARMA hgh!

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I have read like 20-30 UGL HGH logs, and have seen perhaps two or three people happy with the product they have bought, and even then you have to wonder if they were just believing what they wanted too, or were convinced by alternate substances that cause hgh like side effects! Numb hands or bloat are not DEFINITE indicators of HGH, but are definitely sides you will notice with real hgh.

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Thanks guys for very valuable info,ill put hgh to rest for now and enjoy the testosterone instead.

what about the sarm mk677 that stimulates the pituitary to secrete more gh,is it worth trying? anyone tryed it?