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Another's Loss, My Gain.


i have a buddy who just got in trouble with the law. he cleaned out all his gear and gave me some extras. I got
200 10mg nolvadex

18 250mg sutanon

3 250mg test e.

3500mg primobolan

and i had like 200mg dbol and some hcg dlying around

i was thinking about doing a strength quality bulk or a cutting and would also like to try the tapering method. what approach and weekly dosage would yall recomend. i can get some more if need be, but when i go over 500 mg of test a week a get pretty bad acne and would like to avoid that.


have you ever tried accutane?


ABK you may have posted on the wrong thread.


No, he posted that in response to the very last sentence on the OP's post.

I'm going to give you my opinion on Accutane right now.. it's highly overrated. Takes too long to see serious results and is relatively expensive.


"relatively expensive"

buy it from india. it's about $150 for the whole 2 month cycle (whereas it would be ~$2000 for a cycle from us-made accutane)


no i dont plan to either. im gonna use tazorac this time around, but this post isnt about accutane. i just wanna see what cycle some of yall would put together with what i got.


Jesus! I three years worth of powder is like $50. Makes you wonder how much the drug companies are actually raking in.

Accutane is effective, but it can have harsh side effects. I would use it as a last resort, and in small doses as they are just as effective as the larger doses.

As far as cycle, run 9 weeks of 500mg/wk sust, 350mg/wk primo, and dbol if you'd like. You can use the test e to taper. You shouldn't need the HCG, and use the Nolva during cycle if necessary.

Did you friend get busted for steroids? I'm wondering why else he would ditch his supply.


yea he got pulled over with like needles equipoise and test e 10,000mg. hes screwed.


Is it really that much for accutane in the US? I used it during my brief acne explosion through puberty and it only cost me 120 per month (like 30 after the 80% off from blue cross, my insurance). That's in Canada.


Too bad for your friend. I wish it was the 80s again when USofA was still a free country for bodybuilders. Now we're basicly on the same level as junkies for the man. Chlorine/ salt baths do the trick for me and regular visits to tanning salons. Though I don't break out that much.