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Another Young Gang Member


It always amazes me that somehow... somehow the families of the deceased gang-bangers blame the cops for their dead kid. Isn't their fault for letting their kid get in a gang, or acknowledging that it was part of the "gang life".

What a joke.


What are you going to do? This happens everyday in the inner cities of States all over the US(gang shootings I mean). I don't know if the cop should have shot but who knows. I don't know why these kids join these gangs.... lack of father figure maybe


They blame the cops because it's undeniably sad for their family. What are you trying to prove here?


I'm trying to prove that people don't take responsibility for their own faults. Kid opened fire, regardless of age, attempting to kill someone. Died as a result. Regardless of race or age, he deserved what he got.

Cops get a bad rep and now the media will try to distort it if they can. The family has already been quoted in other articles that their son was not gang affiliated and didn't own a gun.

Bad people are bad and need to be disposed of. The world will be a better place as a result. Period.


Of course other people don't take responsibility for their own faults. That's how life is. Proving it doesn't change anything and is redundant because so many people already know it. To put it as bleakly as possible, the forces of Evil pretty much always win.

Just worry about yourself, take responsibility for your faults as often as your ego can handle it, and help the people close to you do the same. Fuck some minor injustice half a world away from you


Interesting thing to notice about this article. You have to read through eleven paragraphs before any mention is made of the races of the gang member and the policeman who shot him.

The art director spoiled the suspense that the writer was trying to build by putting a picture of the victim right there at the top of the page, but I don't think anyone was terribly surprised when the truth was revealed at paragraph 12.

"Teenager Is Shot and Killed by Officer on Foot Patrol in the Bronx". That's the New York Times for you. Calm as a Hindu cow. Had it been the Daily News, the headline would have been "Black Boy, 14, Gunned Down in Street by White Rookie Cop. Family, Friends Enraged".


it's because they are poor.. right guys?


I think having a son join a gang is about the equivalent of a daughter being a stripper, a true sign of top notch parenting....


Maybe if we starting blaming the gangs, fewer children would join and fewer would die. Blaming the cops does nothing but encourage more situations like this in the future.

Putting blame where it's deserved, with the gangs, the kid, and the parents might help break that cycle and save a human being or 2.


It's not as simple as just laying blame on somebody or something. Lets blame gangs because it's easy. Let's blame the the parents because we know better. Let's not pay any attention at all to the situation in the country which allowed all this to even happen on such a massive scale. It has nothing to do with being black, white, hispanic or asian... It's just poverty.

All the jobs that used to be available for the lower class have now been shipped out overseas for cheaper labour, leaving millions unemployed (ex: Detroit, Oliver and any other former industrial heavy city.) It's no wonder people turn to violence and peddling drugs to make money, they have no alternative.

Sure us in the middle or upper class know that doing these thigns aren't a good way to live, but to a lot of these people that's a normal life. That's all they know, they see their friends and families do it to make money so they will too and the cycle just goes on and on.


Typically, there is a significant lack of family structure and support so these young kids feel accepted into the "family" aspect of the gang. They usually target young, impressionable kids like elementary and middle schoolers.

"Him, Trayvon Martin, it's never going to end, she said. A child. Fourteen years old. Fourteen years old. Gone. Shot in the head. By police"

His aunt mentions nothing of him already being arrested for attempted murder, or about the gunshots that police responded to. Denial is a river in Egypt.


Yes, it's denial...but judging the woman for it while she is grieving is way harsh. She also said he had just started being good...and then this happened. She sounds like someone distraught...not someone literally thinking the cops are why her son died completely.

I am sure she is more mad that the cops are the ones who ended up killing him instead of "helping" him....which is a concept very common in poorer communities...that the co[ps are not there to help the people but that the people are enemies.

No one in that neighborhood likely ever felt "safer" because they saw a cop drive by.

That much needs to be understood to understand where she is coming from.


sorry, im feeling particularly dense today.. when you say, "ended up killing him instead of helping him", do you mean the cops should have helped him commit crimes?

I guess this opens an interesting discussion.. should cops help criminals?


Inasmuch as the police exist to protect and serve the political institutions that pay them, the case could be made that they already do.



I am saying that many believe that the cop presence does not aid the situation at all but makes it worse in many instances.


Great post.

We create our own black market world. There would be no marijuana busts all night long if it were legal. We create many of the problems we claim the police are there to "protect".

In a social setting where the cops see the people of that society as the enemy, the people will never see the cops as an aid.

To think otherwise is illogical.


Groundbreaking story. So glad things like this don't happen frequently in cities.


I'm sure the guys who were being shot at are glad the cops were there.


Probably even gladder the cops didn't shoot them, too.


They were being shot at and the polce stopped the guy from killing them. To believe the cops would have shot them too is irrational. It's nice to see cops actually stopping a murder in progress rather than investigating one.