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Another, Yet Different Book Thread

I just got a security guard job for the summer and basically, I sit on my ass all day long with nothing to do besides read. I work 12 hour shifts and will probably be putting in close to 60 hours a week at this job. So, I figured I can use this time to read 3-4 books per week.

Here’s where you come in.

I’d like for you to list your “must read” books, but instead of just listing a single book, I’d like for you to do it by category. Please list the category along with two of the best books you’ve read about that subject.

For example:

Sports Training - Supertraining, Science and Practice of Strength Training

Evolutionary Psychology - The Naked Ape, The Red Queen

Economics - Book, Book


This way I can read two good books back to back about each subject while the first book is still fresh in my mind.

Got it? OK let’s hear it.


I don’t mean to hi-jack but could anyone recommend any advanced physiology and training books. I’d like to get my hands on Poloquin’s manuals but don’t have the $$. Anything the library would carry about up-to date training info for elite athletes???

To the OP. I have a job where I can put in much time reading. I find books like “How Stuff Works” and general info books are great. Psychology college text books I found very interesting too. Just hit the library.

This and last summer I have a job taking tickets in an air conditioned booth at a state park, there are times where I will be sitting for hours without a single customer so I’m interested to see what kind of books come up. That being said I read probably 20-25 books last summer, some of the better ones I read in the category form were:

Fantasy: The Dark Tower Series by Steven King, 7 long ass books, it’ll keep you busy for a while, I actually havn’t finished the series but i’m on the 5th book now and they’re all great.

Action/Adventure: Bringing Down the House by Ben Mezrich. This book is about black jack card counting, winning millions of dollarsand is just impossible to put down.

I also read a bunch of mystery/thriller novels that are just basically standard but keep you entertained. Have fun.

So, let’s clear something up. You are aware that there are numerous “good book” threads, but want to start yet another. Look, the last several merely kicked up the same titles, authors, etc. Lets not do this again, since no one will even give a shit this time. I have a wish list on Amazon.com now that must total in the tens of thousands of dollars in books that I’d like to get around to reading, most came off of those several threads. Just look them up.

First, I’m only going to give you books that I enjoyed reading, not ones that suggest I’m brilliant. If that’s what you want, google a college class’ reading list and hit it.

Okay, here’s some summer reading:
First, I don’t really care for soccer, I coach football and wrestling, so with that qualification I think this may carry more weight: Among the Thugs by Bill Bufford is a great book about English soccer houligans. With the World Cup coming up, its topical. Plus is makes the “malice in the palace” seem like a bunch of childs play.

Anything by Bill Bryson (A Walk in the Woods, Mother Tongue, I’m a Stanger Here Myself, Lost Continent are all good)
Anything by Jon Krakauer including Into Thin Air, Into the Wild and Under the Banner of Heaven which is very topical since Jim Jeffs is in the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted now.
I’m much more into non-fiction so I could go on and on. If you’re interest in more of those types of books PM and I’ll give some more suggestions (especially leadership and coaching books)
For fiction A Prayer for Owen Meany or The World According to Garp by John Irving is great. Also I love his memoir The Imaginary Girlfriend. Also Kurt Vonnegut is great.

I am a cop in the Air Force i am currently stationed in Holland and I sit here guard a computer. Every other week we work 65+ hours so I have a lot of free time. Have you thought about going to school or even online classes there are a few good online universities out there you just have to search for them. You have all the time in the world to do the homework.

[quote]Smittyd wrote:
Have you thought about going to school or even online classes there are a few good online universities out there you just have to search for them. You have all the time in the world to do the homework. [/quote]

Yea dude I’m taking 2 summer classes plus Jiu Jitsu 3 times per week and muay thai one x per week. My plate is full believe me. Matter of fact, I’m about to go ace a final exam because I had 12 hours to study for it yesterday.

To the guy who asked why (I’ll answer it like I would in person): just shut the fuck up and post some books. OK I’m kidding, sorta. But yea, I’ve read through the other threads and I’m sure some people missed those. So here’s your opportunity.