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Another XM Vs. Sirius Thread

So, which one and why?

From what I’ve heard, XM if you’re only interested in music, Sirius if you like music and talk/sports.

Also, XM has a portable unit I guess??

I personally only want satellite radio for uninterrupted (or minimally interrupted) music, but I also like Howard Stern.

It would be extraordinarily ideal if I could find a unit that can go straight from my vehicle, to carrying it around in the gym with headphones, but I don’t know if that exists…

Ah, I see that they both have portable hand-held options, but they’re a lot more expensive than what you can get for just your car.

It looks like XM has more options in this department, but Sirius is cheaper and their only option would be all I need.

Sirius used to offer the lifetime subscription, I don’t know if they still do.

I have 2 XM Roady style recievers. My wife keeps one in her car and I keep one in our garage/gym. We are pretty pleased with them. I can’t really give an opinion on the handhelds.

The sports stuff is kinda split. XM has MLB, and they carry Big 10, ACC, and PAC-10 football games and basketball. I think Sirius has Big12, SEC and Big East stuff, plus NFL Etc. The Wi-Fi portable that I have seen looks pretty slick. The music on XM I like pretty well. Pretty good variety of stuff. The commercial-free format is what I really love.

The only talk I really listen to on XM is ESPN radio and sometimes the Sporting News. When they both first started XM was definately the way to go, due to the fact that offered so much more. Now I think they’re pretty much a toss up. I think you’ll probably be happy either way you go. Sorry i am not more help…

Good Luck,

Thanks nosebone.
I decided to pay the extra money and go with Sirius’ “S50” portable unit:


I hate getting anything with a mail-in rebate, but I couldn’t avoid it in this case.

It’s also an MP3 player and can come with me to the gym (best feature IMO). It also comes with a vehicle docking thing.