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Another Workout Critique


im sure you guys get sick of readin these, but i wanna make sure my program looks alright. as of right now, im 6', 195 lbs, about 14-15%bf. i try to eat about 3-4000 calories a day. My goal is to pack on alot of muscle, bulk up right now, cut a little bit later on. heres my schedule

Sunday - Chest and Back
Monday - Legs and abs
Wednesday - Bis n Tris
Thursday - Compound-Whole Body/Endurance
Friday - Shoulders

Every other day i do neck exercises and run a mile or 2. and keep in mind every day has a couple compound exercises.


This says a LOT of nothing witout the specifics. The exercises used and rep/set ranges.

for all we know you are doing endless sets of leg extensions and curls as opposed to squats and DL's.

Firte back if you want input,


If you really want to put on weight, cut out the running. Running = burned calories. You gain weight by having an excess of calories. More excess, more weight gain. I wouldn't really bother with the neck exercises. It's not something that you really need.


Training upper arms one day is an overload.

Chest / tris / shoulders
lower body
back / bis

compnounded exercises are great for adding mass.
but if your gonna train specific parts of your body, keep those areas somewhere around 30% of your training and focus more on compund. y endurance if your training for mass? y the neck exercises? prioritize them soewhere in shoulder and back. and for gods sack train abds. more then just once. i woulc recomend 3 times minimum. also try to keep your workout under 40 mins. this is gonna be hard if you are one of those psychological lifters who just needs to be in the gym.

i would strongly recomend picking up Ian King's "how to write strength training programs"


alright thanx guys


Would you mind explaining why devoting one day to arm work is an overload?