Another whistleblower death at Boeing

Well, well, well another death of a Boeing whistleblower. How convenient for Boeing. Human lives are no match for wealth addiction. A negative consequence of our immoral economic system that places profits above all.

Right or wrong, I get the impression that whistleblowing a defense contractor with high level security clearances is probably a bad idea.

Well they certainly are sending a message to future potential whistleblowers aren’t they?

I always wondered what it would be like to work at a big outfit like Boeing.

Now I don’t.

If my boss wants to kill me, he’s going to have to do it himself, with his own hands, like a real man. None of that lilly livered outsourcing bullshit.

The way it should be!

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I’ve worked there. I didn’t have a great time, but they paid for my Master’s and I learned a lot.

Many of us jumped ship when one of the other big contractors one a competition.

Ethically now, I would not go back.

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Yeah, I could see this having a long term detrimental effect on their ability to draw talent.

I’m sure that if they’ve reached a point of catastrophic failures occuring in the air that there are breakdowns through the entire chain.


Even worse is allowing a corporation to get that large and powerful that they can possibly kill their own employees for exposing the faulty nature of their work and it’s potentially deadly consequences to their customers.

But I guess you can’t blame them. Gotta report high earnings to Wall Street so they can show positive earnings for their shareholders. Very simply: profits over people.
Now let’s try the MIC or the “healthcare” industry. Both clear murderers for profit.

I’m ok with banning, investigating and prosecuting murder. Not limiting corporate growth. That’s dumb.

And why do you think those murders occurred and the reason why the employees tried doing the right thing? Killing people for profit is not growth. It is closer to a sickness. Economist Michael Hudson calls it wealth addiction.

Yeah so killing for profit is a problem. Limiting corporate growth isn’t the solution.

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Yeah, well he supplements his income by working the glory hole at the local bath house. For free.

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If it means preventing the killing it is part of the solution. The whole system needs to go as this is the garbage it eventually leads to.

Actually he is also an anthropologist. Has studied ancient economies(Sumner, Mesopotamia to name a few)and has found that personal debt was wiped out often-gasp! I know this is blasphemous to capitalism, but it’s the truth. It has even been mentioned in the Bible in the book of Leviticus referred to as the Jubilee Year. He has also said that is the reason Christ came here was to loosen the bonds and debt slavery chains not sin.

If you drop Boeing out of the economy you lose the U.S’s number one exporter in terms of dollars buy far. Not a good plan and would impact your ability to earn money by weakening the dollar (and therefore the rest of the currency market).

If they took out the whistleblowers they definitely should be investigated and charged - doubt it will happen.

So then, what to do, if they are killing their own employees because they divulged information regarding their safety measures. And this in turn puts the public’s safety at risk.