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Another Westside Log


Well, its coincidental, but I hapen to have just started Westside's program as well. May as well throw in my two cents. I'm 6'1" 195-200, ~13% bf (although God knows how accurate that measurement is, but its in the ballpark) I'm 23 years old, been lifting for 10 years, for football for 5 years, then my own similar program for the next 5, but never anythign like this. 320 bench, 385 squat, 365 dl.

Monday 4/7 ME squat
Good Mornings: started with just the bar, worked up to 205 x 3, then did 185 x3 for an eighth set.

Manual GHR: My gym doesnt have a GHR (thank you, soccer moms of america) so I did this one the way Coach Davies suggests, with my ankles wedged under a bench. I know Dave Tate says thats BS, but i figured its better then nothing. 3 sets of 6. Eccentric only.

Pull Thru: 6 sets, 10-15 reps, worked up to 70 lbs.

hanging knee raise, 5 sets 15 reps. not strong enough to do a full leg raise yet.

back ext: worked my way up to holdign a 25 lb plate behind my head for the first 8-10 then dropping it to finish the last 5-7. 5 sets 15 reps

Wed 4/7 ME Bench
Floor Press: 135x5, 185x5, 205x5, 225x5 (absolute failure on the fifth), 245x3, 275x1, 295x1 not sure thats enough volume for this one.

DB Tri extensions, elbows out: 25x5, 45x5, 55x5

L-raise for the rotator cuff: 7.5x12, 10x12
rear delts: 7.5x12 10x12

DB rows with an inc bench supporting my chest: 4 sets, worked my way up to 70x5

face pulls: worked my way up to 70x12

roman chair crunches at the end.

So thats the first two days. I'm still trying to feel my way thru, and still figuring out my weights on exercises like GM that i had never done before. Anyone have any thoughts on the volume or any other aspect? i do have a question on the pull through, s this supposed to be done with a rounded back or an arched back? I tried it both ways and felt it more in my back then my hammies both times. Also on the ME bench day, Dave says in The Eight Keys to do only raises and rotator cuff, but then in the example program he gives, he does a one armed press. I'm trying to keep the big picture in mind but I have a bunch of little questions that are nagging me. EFS didnt really have any section for the beginner tho, any suggestions?


I don't like your progression on the floor presses. You need more volume at the higher percentages of max. You did 7 sets but would be better off going with 10 or 11. Do less with the lighter weights(less 5r sets) and more 3 and 1 rep sets. Never go to failure on any set other than your day's max. Try to get around 3 of your sets at or above 90% of max. For instance your max was 295. 90% of 295 is about 265, so you should have had 3 sets above 265. You only did 2 sets above 90% and only 3 above 80%. You need to get more volume in this 80%+ range, especially when starting out. Use this method for your "Squat day" as well. Hope this helps.


I go with loopfit on the volume. I personally work up to about 15 total sets but 11 or so is good too. Definitely try to have around 3 sets above 90%. I would just start with the bar on ME days a do maybe 30lb jumps or so in your case...but I think one of the main things is to use all that work up to really get a feel for the weight, your form, and the groove...do some 5's then when move into triples when they get heavy drop to sinlges and go up till ya max...some people work up to a heavy triple though instead of single, this may be better if you dont have a good spotter...good luck!