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Another Website.....


......the one with bodybuilding in the name.

Has anyone ever gone to the forums on this website? It is like everyone on there is retarted and 11 years old. Everything they say is wrong. NO one knows anything on that website it really got me pissed today. Thank god for T-Nation. it makes the world a better place.


I've never posted here. Until today and am wary of forums. However to be honest not all forums are that bad.


So where's your body shot?

Just kidding. kinda.


Now why would you even bother to go there when you have (drum roll.....hit the cymbal)....T-Nation!

Thank you ladies and gentleman....and have a great night!



I was apart of other forums a few months ago till I got refered to this one and I won't go back. Other sites seem to be full of posts of useless b/s. I think it has to do with the editing here. This site is unlike any other and seems more focused on quality instead of quantity. You don't see many threads that go unreplied too compared with other sites that have many.

And the info on here has changed the way I view getting bigger and stronger. I threw alot of what I knew out the window when I read articles and threads on here. It's really nice to have a place like this to correct whatever problems you're having getting bigger and stronger.

Plus on my very first order I got Grow! for 12.50 a tub. One of the best deals I've came across in my life on protein. 12.50 a tub for a taste like that is amazing.

Thanks again T-Nation.










I think it's funny.
I can't get my friend (who has actually competed in a BB comp.) to go to this site and actually read any of the articles here.

He still swears by that $75-per-months-supply crap with the nitro-something-or-other and won't leave bb.com

He used to argue about how it's a waste of $ to take regular powder creatine and that the "3rd generation" creatines with the over-priced sugar is sooo much better. Now he just read some "break through" article over there about how great good old regular, powdered, German creatine is.

I still can't get him to squat or deadlift...that's right, never tried either of them in his life yet.


HA! it took me a while to figgure out the common denominator there.

I'm a bit slow...




I know what you mean. I mean, I wuz trying to learn how to be a PUA, since I wuz an AFC. So I just did a double bicep shot when theze hottiez walked by. I was being all alpha and shit. So then I blew my locker room buddy. That doesn't make me gay does it?

There, now you've got 90% of the posts on "unnamed site".


Wow, that's pretty bad.

How did he do in that comp?


I bet this dude is copying all of this stuff and trying to start a smack talking thread on another site.

I have visited that site before, and there are even members of this site that post there regularly plus one who is a moderator on another site. Maybe even the one in question.

Most of the threads over there were rather mindless, but there were a few decent ones.


Yeah, I used to go there until I got referred here. Want some GREAT entertainment? Go into the teen section and just look around. I just did, I found within the first couple posts a thread about how some kid says hes getting "huge" off subway, and another with a 16 year old guy, 160 pounds, asking for critiques after one month while guys are like "GOOD BASE BRO WAY HUGER THAN WHEn I STARTED LOL". Its seriously funny. Go take a look, im laughing my balls off.


It couldn't be as bad as Greg Valentino giving biceps advice on a certain e...bicep website could it?


He didn't look too bad for the comp. He did lose a noticeable amount of muscle while preparing for it, but he's always had a decent build.

He took 2nd out of 3 people in his class. It wasn't anything big, just a local meet.

He has always had good genetics, and that's what killed me. His father competed back in the day, and 2 of his 3 other brothers a big, and only one of them lifts.

I think he has a lot of potential if he'd get away from his 1 body part a week routine and added some squats or deads.


I do this from time to time for a little bit of fun.


bwahahahaha...how did you keep track of all that?


Hey analog kid are you trying to make fun of me what the hell do you know what makes you the expert. what is your body fat and weight? sorry i never knew what good vegetables are and dont know how to diet because i have never been on one.


No offense, kid, but that's what all the articles on the left-hand side of the page are for. Read up for a month and then post some decent questions.


That site is so damn crazy. I go there to check it out from time to time. The "MISC" section is funny as hell. But yah, very retarted indeed!