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Another Way to Make a Homemade Sled

Hey, just wanted to pass this idea along. Sorry I have no pics, will try to get some up in the next day or two. My uncle and I made a sled out of an old truck tailgate. I had the tailgate from an old Ford Ranger, so we cut two holes in the top of it and welded two 1.5" uprights onto it. Hooked a couple of tow straps to it, and it works great. I don’t know how well it will hold up over the long haul because the gate itself is a bit flimsy, but so far so good.

Sounds cool… pics?
Pics of it being used even…?




Crazy! :slight_smile: Bit wide though?

Yeah it’s pretty wide, but I’ve got enough room to make good use of it.

Damn, that’s nice. The width of that thing wouldn’t be a problem to me, and it’s simple enough to make myself.

When you get really strong, just re-attach it to the truck and drag the whole truck.


That’s some Big Stone Gap ingenuity at its finest! Lets drag that bitch when I come back!