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Another VA Tech Killing




I read about this the other day. That's the third beheading I've heard about in the past year.

How fucked up must you be to saw someone's head off?


People are fucking nuts...


this happened on the 23rd? why didn't I hear about it before now? I mean I live in VA!


What is it with Asians and VA Tech? I'm serious. Is there something we don't know? The previous killings were perpetrated by an Asian man, and this most recent incident was an Asian man.


Yet another reason students should be able to carry weapons on campus.


wow, why wasn't this news??


7 witnesses in the cafeteria at the time. I'd like to see these people and find out why no one did anything. This isn't a shooting, it's a decapitation, something that takes time. No one did anything while he was slicing into her throat?


here was the one that happened in july.
nobody did anything here either.






What the hell is wrong with people? Everyone knows you can't hit a woman, let alone cut her head off with knife.

Disturbing. Why are there so many violent, psychotic mentally ill Asian 'men' at Va Tech? If I had any relatives at that school, I would want them to transfer out immediately.

I had to go down to the county courthouse last month to get a proof of residency form notorized by a probate judge as part of a graduate program application. The adjacent room was where the county processed concealed weapons licenses. There was a line of people that went out that door and around the corner.

At first, I was surprised to see so many people that felt like they needed the ability to carry their firearm with them in public.

Reading news stories like this, its starting to make more and more sense.


x4, though you can usually never get women to do so. The men would have to step in, which they failed to do in this case.


What do you propose, banning them?


WHAT THE HOLY FUCKING HELL!!! That was the most disturbing thing I think I've ever read. I was sitting there wondering what I would do? I'd like to think I'd have done something but some crazy bastard swinging a Rambo style hunting knife, I just don't know if I could have done anything either, unless I was carrying, which I doubt the gray hound company would let that fly. Another thing, how'd dude get a giant knife on the bus?


Well, at least now I have something to tell the local kids as to why US universities don't want them.


To much math, I don't know. Remember Asia is a continent. You have Japanese, Chinese, Hmong, Thai, Indian, Vietnamese and so on. There's bound to be a weirdo jerk off or two in a few billion people.


Maybe VA Tech should consider adding a psychological profile to the application process.


"Sgt Colwell said the "brave" behaviour of the passengers and driver probably prevented anyone else from being hurt."

Sgt. Colwell should be shot point blank in the face for saying that shit.

I can't believe no one does anything in these kinds of situations...


And this is the reason that I always have my own blade on me.