Another V-Diet Question LOL

I plan on starting the v-diet in a week once my supplies arrive. I recently bought a brand new raleigh Cadent 2.0 road bike that I’ve been riding almost 150 miles a week on. I want to continue riding it and weight training so what should I do?

I’m thinking about doing the heavy weight training that Shugart recommends and riding the bike once a week for cardio. Will doing the long ride (2-3 hours) be too catabolic on such a restricted calorie diet?

I don’t want to put up my brand new bike. I’m obsessed.

Why not go for several shorter bike rides during the week? Even if you were to burn the same total calories it would be spread out more and thus would likely not have as much of a detrimental effect. That is if the short rides even have a detrimental effect. Remember that the cardio on the V-Diet is not supposed to be strenuous.

It’s only 28 days, and you’ll make some changes in your life that can potentially last a life time.

I think you can afford 28 days without the bike.

You live in Florida, it’s not like you won’t be able to ride again in December (for the record, it snowed here today, so I’m jealous).