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Another Use for Old Protein Containers


In the spirit of this thread:

Cut them up and use them for standing up your knee/calf/elbow/etc sleeves in between lifts so the sweat dries out.




You dun changed the game I reckon!


Just' trying fo help my fellow T-Nationer


Are those Twinlab tubs I see?






Why haraam?


Also, cut a tub in half to use it to direct your heat vents if one happens to be facing a wall.

(and that tub is a Metabolic Drive tub. Better? :slight_smile: )


Ahahaha. Me and my mate say that all the time! ROFL


We have about 3 or 4 old tubs around our place with dog food in them.


I throw change in my old 2 lb containers. Its about half full by now. I guess I'll give the bank teller something to do next week while I stare at her tits.


Haraam is forbidden in Arabic and what Muslims use to refer to things they can't do.

Pork is "Haraam"

I said Haraam because you're using Twinlab tubs on a Biotest site. Just a joke.


Heh, my friends and I use it whenever a former muslim friend of mine eats pork.


Not as clever as some of YOUR ideas, DickBag!