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Another Use for Foam Rolling


Cool little tip I picked up from the interwebs yesterday watching foam rolling vids. One of the videos I watched mentioned how foam rolling the target muscle prior to exercise will increase blood flow and generate a greater pump, hence a better mind muscle connection. Well I had back tonight and I always have a hard time activating my left lat. Foam rolled each lat for about a minute and the pump on both sides was incredible and I had a much better MMC than normal.

Conclusion: Have a lagging body part? This is generally caused by a poor MMC so foam roll the muscle prior to working it, follow it with a 20 sec or so static stretch and see if you notice a difference.

I posted this elsewhere in a private group but I figured some people here would benefit from seeing it. The difference I noticed was pretty insane. I'm going to do my best to foam roll every body part I have targeted for the day prior to lifting and see what happens.


Yeah I've been doing that for health/longevity purposes, but in regards to lats, I can definitely see how that would make a difference (since mine are perpetually tight). It would probably work best for calves and lats. Try getting 'The Stick' for calves. It's so painful but oh so awesome at the same time.


I can see how that strategy would work. Both foam rolling and static stretching would reduce the tonic tightness (Janda). Reducing this kind of residual tension would allow you to contract more.


Ive been doing foam rolling later at night, generally after a workout. I'll have to give this a try. Thanks for the tip


I might be dumb but I am having trouble picturing this... how do you foam roll your lats yourself?


Side lying, arm straight out.


hurts like hell hehe. Afer I read Waylanders post about it that day I foam rolled them, lats felt like they were being utilised more during the back workout.