Another TRT Progress Log

Hello everyone! I ll use this place to record some of my progress in my TRT. Hopefully will help to address the following symptoms:
-numb dick - especially this one
-mental fog
-loss of personality
-low libido
-just dont want to do anything

I crashed my system whit a some medication. My dick shrunk suddenly, impotence, feeling passive and flat, insomnia etc.
Few days later there was a somewhat hormonal rebound, dick filled whit blood again, a bit libido etc. But I never recover entirely.

Total test: 411ng/dl range 131-1080
Estradiol (not ultrasensitive): 22 pg/ml range 5-66
Free T: 10ng/dl range 5-42
Prolactin: 10.7 ng/dl range: 2-17
Thyroid fine
CBC fine
Lipids bad, I ll cut the sugars.
Numbers dont look that bad but still have symptoms :'c
-Currently not taking any medication.
-bit worried about fertility but im desesperate at this point but just want to make my symptoms better

I already did two Injections and im doing the following protocol:

  • IM ventrogluteal 75mg enanthate every 3.5 days 21gauge 1 1/2"

I don’t know if this is the best treatment to follow but I ll give it a try

I had an old log but I quit for personal reasons so I make a new one.
Hopefully this will help. Thanks for read :relaxed:

How old are you?

27 but feel like 99 D’: I feel my decision to use testo, a bit impulsive but I dont know better. All i know is that i need to preserve to make it work.
Oh, and ive feeling better already after two Injections, like feeling more positive idk.

Well, its not like you have much choice. Wishing you a great life!

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What medication are you referring to?

I got a weird reaction to sertraline. Exactly the same symptoms that people on finasteride report. I don’t know why other than a sharp raise in prolactin. Meaby there was finasteride in my tablets?:face_with_monocle:
The crash and emotional flatness was unimaginable horrible, much worse than the strongest depression ive had before but i survived somehow.

Btw if I start getting gyno how much tamoxifen should i run?

I think the dose is fine, but if it is 200mg/mL you could use 27g 1/2in needles. Or at least go to 23g 1in.

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I feel very good and just one week has passed. I have some hard to explain feeling but kinda resembles like being 15 again. I think theres some true about the antidepressant properties of T.
Libido still death and minor aching in the testis. I hope no to crash after shutdown.

Start the course for at least 6 weeks and keep us updated .
Btw it’s ok to take viagra or cialis to keep that going while you figure this out.

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Totally feel you on this. Doctors put me on every single anti-depressant until one doctor took tried TRT. Total game changer. Gave me a new perspective on life. I hope your injections continues to help you feel better each and every day. I can totally relate.