Another Trenadrol Thread

I know I’m probably gonna get shit for even having this stuff but ive had it for a while so oh well. Anyways I first got some of this stuff a few months ago and didn’t actually even realize it was PH until I gained 7 lbs in the first week(I know stupid but oh well).

But once I realized what it was I got some nova xt and used it for pct. Had great gains of it and not much sides maybe a tiny bit of gyno but it might have been just me. So now I have two bottles of it and decided to do a bit more actual research on it first. And unfortunately I heard that it can cause lactation!? WTF!

That seems pretty screwed up to me. What Im really trying to get at here is if I didn’t have sides before am I likely to react the same the second time around? If so it might be worth taking if not im not so sure. thanks for any advice…

How many pills/mgs did you take per day and for how many weeks? My friend who took it though that when he got up to 3 pills (90mg of some unknown substance), he experienced some nipple soreness but it went away when he backed down to 2 pills. No lactation and he gained and kept a lot of strength.

It is scary but effective stuff IMO. I wouldn’t touch it, but then again I have access to better things.

You need to do some research on what exactly it is you’re taking. Tren based PH are usually just progestin. So you’re basically taking birth control. With products like Trenadrol you will usually end up in more strength gains over size.

Products always react differently to everyone, but you can definitely count on your libido going in the toilet.

If you have access to better things I would definitely go that route.


the stuff is trenadrol . Before I was taking 2per day for about 5 wks I believe but was also stacking it with massdrol. If I take the same dosage just without the massdroll should I expect the same sides this time around? unfortunately I dont have access to anything better right now. thanks for the advice

Quoting Westclock from another thread…

"The tren prohormones are not tren.

They are much closer to birth control pills. I have ranted about them many times, they are progestin based.

Its taking straight oral progestins in HIGH doses.

Its not a steroid with a little progestin activity like drol or something, its a straight progestin with a little anabolic activity.

They aren’t a well tested compound and have not been on the market for very long, at the VERY LEAST I would say you have to run prolactin meds on cycle. The anabolic effect is actually a sideeffect of the progestin activity.

At the worst it could cause damage to the endocrine system.

Use them at your own risk. They are the RISKIEST compound avaliable, illegal or legal.

Its much smarter to stick with the PH’s derived from ACTUAL pharmaceutical steroids that were developed out of YEARS of research and THOUSANDS of compounds. Or even better, the ACTUAL pharmaceutical steroids themselves.

The tren prohormones are literally some crap that someone noticed had an anabolic effect so they threw it on the market. Zero testing or research."

You decide.

Edit: I suggest reading the Prohormones sticky thread. Good luck.


yeah I remember reading that quote just wonderin if I should expect the same sides on the second cycle as the first? Is there even any PH’s left that are derived from the real deal?

He tells you they are crap and your reply is “well uhh should i expect the same sides?” I love it. Yes you probably will see the same sides you saw before but that does NOT mean that you wont be hit by anything new this time around.

Just saying you SHOULDNT see anything different if its the same dose. But you will not see much of a mass gain at all. and I would expect the strength gains to dissipate after ceasing use.