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Another Tren/Winny Q.

I’ve been a lurker on the board here for quite some time, so I’m not quite a newbie, but I have a question on a cycle for someone who has done a short Tren/Winny cycle or anyone else here, except Drago since he is 10’1" and around 10,000lbs and his opinion may be slightly skewed.

Proposed mini cycle:

Weeks 1-2: 50mg Tren and 50mg winny ed
Weeks 3-4: 50 mg Winny ed

I know this cycle is lite and short, but my goals are about a 2% reduction in bf and 5-6lbs of muscle. I’ve never used Tren before (Nectar of the Gods and all) and it’s been over two years since my last cycle, so I should get good results.

I know Tren shuts you down hard. My thinking is by using Tren for the first 2 weeks, then winny for the last 2, I will recover much faster than say 4 weeks of Tren + Winny. I know I will still be suppressed until I quit the winny and I will use clomid and hcg (if necessary) post cycle, but with only two weeks of Tren what do you guys think about recovery time?


I would would run the tren for the full 4 weeks. I think you will like the results better with 4 weeks use than just 2!

I may end up using Tren the full 4 weeks since I will have plenty, but some friends have had a hard time w/ recovery from Tren. I am mainly wanting to keep that low libido/energy shit to an absolute minimum.

Guess I am wondering if Tren + Winny for 4 weeks or the cycle I described will make any difference in recovery. Seems to me it would if the most suppressive/strongest drug is used first for a shorter time.

You may be unsatisfied with only 2 weeks of tren. Also is your winny injectable or oral? if it is oral, bump the dosage to 75 mg per day. Go hard or go home

Winny is oral. Will bump to 75 ed.

If you have enough gear I would also bump the tren to 75-100 mg/mL per day.

Yah HHH is right 75-100mg/day of tren, Thats what I’m on right now with 75mg oral winny.

why not just get enough gear to run a full 8 weeker? you will be totally shut down after 4 weeks bro. i dont see the point in a 4 week cycle. just as your peaking you will be coming off. and now in need of recovery. oh yeah, and add test. even a splash of prop would be good.

listen to drago, i’m not saying that a “mini cycle” is pointless, but c’mon… 2-week’s? No sooner than you get everything comming together… diet/trainging+gear …it will be time for you to come off. I would advise on not doing the cycle at all unless you add some Test. Tren is very suppressive… you want to go 2 weeks or even 4 with your body producing very little to no T ?!! Just my opinion but you will waste some $$… it’s best to do it right or not do it at all.

Well heres my take… and I think you will understand a little better why it is a bad idea in a few moments. Two or three days after a cycle starts (if not sooner as it would with a tren) your LH shuts down production and your balls stop working. They will stay in this hybernation like state for two or three weeks unharmed until they actually start to atrophie. Most atrophie doesn’t start until about three weeks. Now here’s the deal… you can stop EVERYTHING at two weeks and avoid testicular atrophy… otherwise dont stop anything at all. Just because you stop the tren, doesnt mean your balls are gonna start working. And since your balls still arent working do to winnie’s suppressiveness (though it is moderate it is enough to keep you baseline once your already there) those two weeks will be spent in quality shrinking time… with or without the tren. I have 2 reccomendations… either run both for four weeks and deal with the MINIMAL testicular losses which will incur… or run the whole thing for 8 with mild HCG use during so that your balls never shrink. I would suggest 250iu’s sat, and sun… start to finish.

Thanks for the replies/advice. I was out of town this weekend and won’t start my cycle until next week, but I’m taking some of the advice here and will run 75mg winny and tren ed for 4 weeks, but will also have enough on hand for 6 weeks if I want to extend.

Assuming 4 weeks of tren+winny…

Post Cycle:

200mg clomid for 2 days, (starting about 4 days after last tren/winny day). Followed by 2-3 weeks at 75mg/day.

Also, to squatty, how would you administer hcg on this cycle? End of week 3, continuing for 1 week post cycle? I will have it on hand, so if it will help, I might as well use it…