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Another Tough Wrestler to MMA



I don't follow wrestling as much as I used to so I am not familiar with this guy. Seems to be pretty decorated.

Assuming he had been cutting to 96kg, I wonder what weight class he plans to fight in. He's 5'11 so probably better to aim for 205 if he can make the cut. He looks like he could.


It seems like AKA is the place too go for wrestlers transitioning to mma.


It's also for awesome wrestlers that want to get a false confidence in being a striker. But that's more on those particular fighters..not the camp itself.


If there is one thing that bugs the shit out of me, it's someone that is intent on losing a fight standing when they could win by other means. Sherk, Hamill, Gurgel, Lytle, etc. I want to see fighters display their best skills, not a subpar display of boxing.


Exactly. I used to love watching Sherk fight. Other than when he lost to the likes of BJ or in WW to GSP or Matt H., his fights were bell to bell domination. Now he throws 500 punches a fight, lands 3 and loses a decision!


Agreed....but i wouldn't mix Lytle in this discussion. The guy is a brawler and it works for him...complimenting his other skills well. And that is key: Use your best skills to complimrnt the others...i.e.,use your stand-up to setup your strong wrestling game. Not enough of those guys doing that right now...and it's kinda pathetic.


My problem with Lytle specifically is the whole "first one to take it to mat is pussy" deal. Just win the fight. If you are losing the stand-up war, like he was against Davis, why not take it to the mat? Davis is a boxer with a suspect ground game. Lytle has a good ground game but chose to lose the fight standing. Sherk and Gurgel have done the same thing and it annoys me enough not to care about their subsequent fights.

I understand that these guys are under a lot of pressure to make fights exciting and not just win. I understand why they do it and I can certainly appreciate an exciting fight, but it makes them much less interesting to me when they chose not to use the advantage they may have over an apponent.


cormier was notorious for having weight cutting issues. he was a 184 in college but up until recently competed at a soft 211 i believe. i doubt he will fight at 205 unless he gets merc'ed in the heavies