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Another Too Fat to Ride Story



Why do these people immediately start moaning and crying instead of taking a hint?

Wouldn't knowing you're too fat to even have fun spark some kind of desire to lose weight?


thought this was another no sex for fat people thread, glad I read the article.

but a theme park should know their clientele and realize that a weight limit of less than 350 lbs is going to cut into the bottom line.


Yeah, I agree but they may have and found that the cost to make it safe for over 350 lbs would not be recouped.


The one guy did take the hint and has made it his mission to drop the weight. That's cool.

Also, I followed a link and found some pics of the girl from Harry Potter. Would smash (assuming she is 18)


Stopping people (fat or not) getting on a ride called "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey" is harsh but hilarious. It isn't like they didn't get any advance warning.


man, i so want to go there


I loled.

Good to hear that at least one person took some initiative to lose weight, even if it is just so he can fit in a Harry Potter ride. Maybe we're on to something here.


So wait do they weigh you as well and its a 265 lb weight limit AND the belt has to fit. Or as long as the belt fits your good to go?

I'm pretty sure there's some members of this site that are over 265 but have waists tiny enough they could get the belt on.

Actually found this which damn near guarantees it:

"Rumor has it that 265-pound Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard was allowed on the ride, notes AolNews."

So weight isn't the issue its purely circumference. Good job fit people.


Seriously, if they are too fat to fit the seat, fuck'em.


I must agree to this. I'm a fat ass mofo and would not want to sit next to Me on that ride and I know I could fit in that seat.
Not everyone can or should be allowed to do anything they want.


It's probably just a matter of fit. As long as the crossbar can latch on, you're golden.


"One Harry Potter fan who was unable to ride "Forbidden Journey" when his seat test yielded only two clicks of the restraint, is turning the incident into a personal motivational challenge. Banks Lee, who says he's 6'2? and approximately 310 lbs, has decided to diet and exercise until he can get on the ride (and hopes to continue his quest even after meeting that goal.) He's even started a blog: Banks Lee and the Three Clicks: My Journey to Fit on an Enchanted Bench, where the Orlando resident is documenting the long walks and sensible diet that he hopes will lead to a ride on 'The Forbidden Journey.'"

Whatever it takes to get you motivated. I wish everyone could adapt that sort of attitude and quit blaming everyone else for their problems.




ok THIS is one size does not fit all.