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Another Tat Opinion


Well here is a tat taken from a picture I found with a bunch of stuff taken out to look cleaner, I don't think I'll get the red background though, in fact I don't know if i'll get it at all.

It's a celtic warrior.

Just so you know I lived in N.Ireland until I was 10ish and want to get something to commemorate my background. But I don't want the usual shit like a shamrock or something everyone with SOME kind of irish in them has one in Canada, I hate it...i'm real Irish :wink:

I know fightinirish will like this one.

So if anyone has any suggestions for a piece please feel free to speak up.

Also where would you get this located if you were me?


I like it, but I'm sure you know that doesn't really matter.

It definitely looks original to me.

I'd either get it on my upper back (fairly large) or on my shoulder (smaller of course).


Thanks man, but what do you think about it being possible, it just struck me that it might not be possible or have to be fairly large in order to be able to have the detail done. Or could I give it to the artist and let him play with it until he finds something doable?


I like it... it is not something I would get, but that is the beauty of a tattoo, it is for you.
You are right on, very unique and it is easily IDed as Celtic.
I think if you get it, get it big. The detail would be lost if you shrunk it down to fit a arm or shoulder. Plus, as it ages, the finer lines of the knots will blend together.

I'd think center chest or back. Either as a huge peice in the center of the back, or a little smaller upper back, maybe with the top design peaking up into the lower neck area.
Just an idea, there is natural spacing on the four corners where the cross meets. That could be filled with something signifigant to you, ruins, initials, dates, etc.

Another idea I like for tats is negative work. You use the black ink for the background and the design is left skin. Hard to do for something like this, but it might look good, play with it.
One last bit of advice... You pic doesn't show you wearing ink. If this is your first, or even not, for a design like this, SPEND THE MONEY. Shop around for quality artists, not price. If this means getting on a waiting list, do so. This is an intricate design and easy to fuck up. We don't want that to happen.


Before I forget,
I would expect to pay $500+ USD, I don't recall the current exchange rate and I don't know the local charges. Just a guess though, saying it is at least 4x4 inches, maybe 5-6 hours of steady work.
For sure, talk to the artist. Have him play with the designs, again and again until you look at it and think "Yep, this is the one!" If an artist is not willing to make several drafts and you feel pressure, walk.


I don't really know what to look for in an artist and stuff like that. Like you said it's a hard design so it worries me a bit. Thats why I was thinking of giving it to an artist and telling him to make it into something he can do thats not gonna get fucked up easy, and see what he comes up with....any advice on shopping around? Or even for finding an original design that is easier?

THX I appreciate this.


Check it out...


Well, it'll have to be quite large to keep the detail, if that is something you want to do. Of course, it would have to be on the back then.

Now you could just go with the warrior, and elave out the knotwork, which would give more flexibility in placement and size.

Think about if you want color or black and grey.

As for an artist, look around in your local area. Go into a shop and look at their portfolio. See what kind of tattoos they have done, does the style match what you want done? Is their work high quality? Is the shop clean and nice? If they need to be licensed in Canada, make sure they actually have one. Also, you may not find anyone local that you like. Don't compromise and go to one anyway. You may have to travel to find someone decent. Search on google for tattoo shops in Ontario, northern US. A great way to find artists is to go to a convention. That way you can meet dozens in a day, and find someone who clicks. I did a search for you, and here are some conventions in Canada:

June 16th - 18th 2006
8th Annual Northern Ink Xposure
Toronto, Canada @ the Holiday Inn on King St. W
For more Info Call 416-203-7399
or visit Tattoos.com/NIX

September 22nd - 24th 2006
4th Art Tattoo Montreal
Montreal, Canada @ the Gare Windsor
visit www.StudioTattooMania.com

November 3rd - 5th 2006
Tattoo and Music Convention
Longueuil, Quebec, Canada @ the Sandman Hotel
For more Info Call 450-346-2887

There is also one in Detriot every March. Here's the page for it: http://eternaltattoos.com/detroitinfo.html

So, I'd call the above numbers or go to the websites and see if you can find out what artists are going to be attending. Then, search for those artists online and view their artwork online. When you find some people you like, contact them. You can send them the design and see what they think; throw ideas back and forth. Then when the convention comes around, you're already set.

I hope this was helpful!


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