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Another T-Nation Challenge?

I just was thinking back to the T-Nation challenge back in the day. I never had a better time or better results as then. Any talk of doing another one, anytime soon???

What was the T-Nation Challenge? I have not been around long enough. I did a search and found a few challenges, but I am not sure which one you refer to.

they had like a body for life challenge long ago. It was way cooler though. Just undergound and very hardcore. Brought out the best in me and alot of people. you can look at my old post and see the pre and post write ups i did, but no pics anymore.

Rock on

Come on man, you cannot really expect me to search through 150 of your posts to find what I find most accurately fits the description you have given.

You search your dam posts and privide the link. This is ridiculous.

I think hes talking about the picture challenge where people posted pics after a few months to get them dial in their diets.


I agree with this 100%. A lot of what we talk about on this site is competition. What better way than a contest? Something small as a prize would be fine. I don’t even care if there isn’t a prize. Just some kind of organized contests once every 3 or 4 months would be cool. Every once in awhile you see 2 guys call each other out on here, but that’s about it.

Maybe a couple different categories by goal, or experience. Obviously a guy with 10 years of consistent training will make some slower gains than a total newbie, all else equal. Maybe some performance oriented vs asthetic goal categories too. That’d be fun stuff.