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Another T-Dawg Question (Sorry Guys!)

Silly but simple question.

Is it okay to use sugar free gum to get rid of the bad breath that comes with this diet?

I can’t find any nutritional info but assume sugar free means no carbs?!

There’s disagreement about whether artificial sweeteners are good or bad when dieting, especially if using a keto diet. Personally, I don’t sweat it too much. I don’t overuse them, but if the situation comes up, sure, I’ll use them. (Tim Patterson is super-ripped year around and said he uses them all the time.) Much would also depend on the kind of sweetener being used. But basically it comes down to this: are you losing fat and keeping muscle? If the answer is yes, then keep chewing your gum and don’t sweat whether you’re in ketosis or not.

Actually, I’m surprised you’ve got “keto breath” with the T-Dawg diet. But this brings us to another controversy. Bill Roberts and others will tell you that with 100g or less of carbs per day, you’re in ketosis, regardless of what the little keto-sticks tell you. Mauro DiPasquale thinks ketosis is a bad state to be in, yet his Anabolic diet calls for 30g per day of carbs, which he says isn’t ketosis, but rather “just this side” of ketosis. (I believe he’s written that 20 per day or less is actually ketosis.) Confusing, no? That’s one reason why I don’t sweat the details on things like this.

As for your last question, no, sugar free does not mean carb free. A product can say “sugar free” and contain maltodextrin or other stuff. Example: sugar-free orange flavored Metamucil has five grams of carbs per serving. (Malto is the 2nd ingredient listed.)

Finally, I suggest you play around with the carbs. Try to get some for breakfast. I don’t think some carbs for breakfast will hurt the reduced-carb dieter because your body needs them in the morning to “refill” stores. I get 100 a day every day when using a T-Dawg style diet and have no problem losing fat. Besides breakfast, most of your carbs should come after training. Again, 50g of carbs after training (from Biotest Surge) does not harm my diet at all. In fact, workouts are much better (not flat) and recovery is awesome. So if I were re-writing the T-Dawg today (and I might just do that) I’d up the carb intake from 30/70 to 50/100 or maybe even higher on non-training days. Experiment and see what works for you.

Chris, can you please check out my post titled “low carb vs low carb” as it has some relevence to the T-dawg diet.

Also, why does Dipasquale think Ketosis is bad? Specifically does being just outside ketosis help burn more bodyfat then if in ketosis? I ask because when I am in deep full ketosis I go very flat and fat loss seems to stop completely. Thanks.

What’s your opinion on ketosis? Do you think it’s that important? I personally don’t. I think low carb is the way to go when dieting, but I’ve never paid attention to wether I’m in ketosis or not. I just keep my carbs under 100g a day and watch my total calorie intake, and this seems to work fine for me.


thanks for the response mate, I think I worded my question sloppily, I appreciate that ‘sugar free’ products may contain other carbs! My question should have read are artificial sweeteners carb free, which you’ve answered anyway so thanks!

I want to digress and discuss MD6 which I have been taking for the first time.

Firstly I’d like to congratulate Biotest on what is (in my opinion) the best thermo product on the market. I’ve tried most other brands i.e. Phen Free, Diet Fuel, etc and the only benefit I’ve had is from a stimulant perspective (and even then I get the shakes). MD6 has clearly helped alleviate carb cravings and the stimulant effect is out of this world (no shakes either).

Anyway, my question is how long can I stay on MD6 for? I’m currently taking 2 caps twice a day and the only break I’m taking is on my free day (as per the T-Dawg guidelines). Will taking MD6 six days a week lead to diminished returns as my body adapts to the stimulant effect?

As always, your comments are appreciated.

Dev- T-mag has an old interview with DiPasquale. I think he talks about why he doesn’t like ketosis there. BTW, Berardi is also against ketosis except for the last two weeks before a BB show or similiar. He would prefer a person not enter ketosis. Maybe he’ll elaborate in a future column. (He’s studying for his PHd tests right now, so that’s why he’s been absent from the forum.)

Spanky- My opinion of ketosis is mixed. No, it’s not necessary. You can lose fat without being in ketosis obviously. I think it’s good for a short amount of time, but it’s very hard to come out of without packing back on fat. You have to be careful. Berardi outlines a great way to come off in a past “Appetite” column. I do prefer to reduce carbs when dieting, but seldom go keto. Currently doing 110g of carbs per day and losing fat just fine. (Starting Massive Eating next week though, can’t wait!)

T-Rex- You can stay on MD6 for a long time; it’ll still work, but you might get used to the energy aspect of it after a while. It’ll still be doing its job, but you won’t “feel it” as much. I adapt pretty quickly and since I really like that energy rush, I usually go 2 or 3 weeks, then take a week or two off, but that’s just me. Since you’re only taking two doses a day plus a day off per week, I’d say you could stay on a while.


Thanks again. For the record this is my first keto/high fat type diet and it’s working well for me thus far.

It’s interesting that people claim to feel flat on the T-Dawg, I feel more pumped than usual and my energy level are sky high (partly down to MD6 I’m sure). Does this say anything about my body type or metabolism? I’m currently 220 pounds, no idea of body fat percentage but it’s on the high side!