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Another Stupid Verdict

I lifted this one from John Derbyshire, and I completely agree with his take.

Item: Charles Bell, who is a homosexual, was fired after four months as manager of Leona Helmsley’s Park Lane Hotel, in New York City. He had lied on his resume to get the job, a fact that had been covered up by the hotel’s Chief Operating Officer Patrick Ward, another homosexual. Bell has admitted that he used illegal drugs while employed at the Park Lane. He also handed out free hotel rooms to friends of the same persuasion as himself. On one occasion, he invited 20 leather fetishists to the hotel in advance of a downtown party. Mrs. Helmsley, who is 82, encountered one of these persons, in full leather fetish regalia, when she stepped into the elevator. ("‘He was dressed completely in black leather?’ Mrs. Helmsley’s attorney asked. ‘Not completely,’ snapped Bell." — from the court report in the New York Post, 1/16/03.) The jury found for Bell, and awarded him $11 million for his distress. Eleven million dollars.

There was once a politician who said out loud that anti-discrimination laws were an infringement of our sacred liberties. That was Barry Goldwater, and that was 40 years ago. Back in those days, if you wanted $11 million, you had to invest cleverly, or work really hard at building a business, or be born into a rich family — none of them obnoxious or immoral things. Now you can take up some freakish lifestyle, lie about it on your resume, insult your employer, squeeze out a few tears on the witness stand, and — ker-ching!

I heard a story of a family who had gone on vacation and inadvertently left their back bathroom window open slightly. The neighborhood kids noticed it, and one night they climbed over the fence into the back yard, pushed the window open enough to fit in, climbed into the house and totally demolished everything they could find. Smashed fine china, smashed chairs over tables, threw lamps into the wall, slashed the furiniture. Well in the process of all their festivities, one of the little assholes tripped and fell down the stairs and injured his back. His parents then sued the owners of the house saying that the open window was an “attraction” to the kids, and that none of the damage–or the injury–would have occurred if the owners hadn’t been so “careless” as to leave the window open. They won millions from the homeowner’s insurance company. There’s justice for you.

That’s rich! And apparently, so is Mr. Bell. Thanks for another illuminating example of why folks hate the legal system–it sucks!

Meanwhile, let’s keep trying our darnest to introduce a little common sense (a most uncommon item) and fairness to this silly game called justice. :wink:

 The americans make laws designed to protect minorities and gays from legitimate discrimination, and they always get twisted around until they make no sense. Bell, homosexual or not, should have been fired. If it had been someone else, He'd be fired. Being gay, as being a minority, doesnt give you special rights. These laws are designed to make sure you have the SAME rights as everyone else, not that you can abuse everyone and expect an 11 million dollar profit out of it. If itd been someone else id say Id beat the crap out of him. Because he's gay I cant - people will distort my words and say im a gay basher. We need new laws - anti-anti-discrmination laws.