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Another Steroid Propaganda Thread

I know we always say it - but the truth is this is the only group of people i can talk to freely about PED use and expect the vest majority to not only share political views but also understand what the fuck i am talking about.

So i bumped into a lad i used to run with in my day, first time in about 4 or 5 years properly.

We passed on the street and i greeted him to which he exclaimed he hadn’t recognised me and how i had ‘muscles on muscles’.

So on asking a few questions as people do (how often you train, etc) he said so you use steroids?

Now this lad was a good bud of mine - once we had 4 full-on fist fights with each other in the same night, after drinking (much) too much over a period of around 6 hours (i won the first 3 lost the last one).
So clearly we had a certain bond only two men can have after having fought and stayed friends (if you have done it, you’ll understand).

Due to this i said yes, i do use steroids occasionally (;p).

To which he simply said…

“Ohh… right. So it’s the steroids then.”

THIS is why i don’t fucking say shit to the majority. lol!


Indeed. The general masses are so ignorant when it comes to AAS use. They are particularly ignorant to the fact that hard work is just as neccessary (if not more so) when on cycle. It’s a tribute to the general populace that when I’m on cycle I can simply say to friends/family that I’m eating a ton and lifting really hard trying to bulk and they simply nod as if fairly lean 15-20lb. increases in weight over 4-6 weeks is what any natty could do.

When I am bulking off cycle and eating very clean I will still put on weight albeit over a much longer period of time and they notice nothing. God forbid if I were to tell people they would think that anyone could achieve my level of development with some test. One of the many reasons this board is so cathartic.

People do not understand and I have given up on trying to explain it.


They have no idea what is involved at all… why would they to be fair, but this is not the problem.
The problem is that these people who do not understand and have no reason to understand actually think they do - that drugs are all it takes.

As i mentioned in another thread just now, ALL the other steroid users in my gym are no better developed than anyone else, with the majority of them no better developed than someone who barely trained at all. Serious! Can you even believe that shit?!

Not to mention that this ignorance is displayed in the belief that you are either ‘on’ steroids or not… for example, the fact i am making progress again after just 3 weeks of finishing a short ester and oral run is meaningless - if i used steroids, i am ‘on’ - evidently.

(what else is very funny, EVERY guy that i have told, including the lad in this post… EVERY one has asked if i can get them some gear! Hahahaa!)

I actually find one of the worst places is the Bodybuilding forum. I don’t hide my use - i consider that [i]cheating/i, and strangely enough, most of those who like to have a dig at my use, know i use from reading the steroid section themselves…!
This is in part down to curiosity of most men WRT AAS and supra-physiological androgen levels IMO.

Basically i think many more men desire the positive effects of supra-physiological androgen levels than will freely admit, but whether it is the potential side effects, legality, their personal morality/profession/sport/social circles, availability or even peer pressure (being a high T male is not very easy in this type of society IME) they do not.

Plus with all the roid rage as well… y’know.

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I have been reading a lot on this site over the last few months. My access to individuals who use is very limited and the ones who do, won’t talk about it. I’m thankful to have the guys on here who are not afraid to share. I want to start my first cycle. I have to agree with the post about morality and legality playing a role in why people don’t. Because that is one of the reasons that even if I was physically ready (still have a lot of natural potential left, at least 20lbs), I don’t even know that I would be gutsy enough to talk to someone in this little town about getting them. Around here any one who benches 3 and squats 4 is on them.Lol.