Another steroid problem.....

The cause of death has been released in regards to the passing of former WWE & WCW superstar “The British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith. Here is a statement from the British Columbia’s Coroner Shawn Jestley:

“Investigation revealed, that in his profession, Mr. Smith had used anabolic steroids in the past. Injectable anabolic steroid and paraphernalia was seized by the coroner. Analysis of the anabolic steroid revealed trenbolone acetate. The above described changes in the fibrous connective tissues are consistent with previous anabolic steroid use.”

The “cause of death” and the statement you quote do not appear to be related. Maybe we need to also see the “The above described changes in the fibrous connective tissues” which may connect the two issues somehow.

I posted a link and thats all the text the link contained. The mods posted the text I guess instaed of the link.

It took the coroner 2 years to issue a statement?

“In the Spring of 2000 the Bulldog was admitted into a rehab center in Atlanta, seeking treatment for his addiction to pain killers. He checked himself out of rehab and subsequently returned to the WWF, but he reportedly failed in his attempt to overcome his addiction, and eventually the WWF was forced to release him.”

-you didn’t mention his addiction to painkillers…


Like I said Jay all I did was paste a link. I cannot control what the reporter wrote.

So they figured out he used steroids. Shocking!