Another squat question:weakness

Ok, been looking around at lots of articles/posts on this and i’m getting sorta lost.

Here is my deal:

My squat poundage sucks. So, about 2 weeks ago I started squatting 2x/wk doing back squats one day and front/overheads another. Also good mornings and hack squats, and tried overheads but most likely won’t do overheads again. Hack squats really seem like deads to me except less weight and behind you of course, sliding on my calves a bit…

Ok on to my question.
I can do a decent amount (remember im not Goldberg or anything) on the hamstring curl thing, probably 75% of my squat poundage. And I can good morning about the same weight as my back squat, and that didn’t even seem hard to do. Hack squat I can do more than back, and likewise of course with deads.
Front squat I can do same weight as back, albeit with a little more harshness in the wrists due to that bending.(still not used to that postitioning, and the cross armed style really rests odd on my front delts)

I do ass to grass squats, and the hard part of course is down near parallel on the upstroke.

So anyone have a guess at my weak point? Or something else I can do to improve it?

I’m no Goldberg; and doubt that I could look as pretty as he, bald and 200+ in weight. Anyhow, my first guess would be hips/hamstrings.

I would suggest box squats. And what else do you do for hamstring strength besides Good Mornings?

i know what your weak point is.
It mental, you have a physchological aversion to lifting heavy.
Find a motivator that will make you lift heavy. Go training with the guy who squats 800lbs and make him push you, have a bet with someone that you will put on 90 lbs on your squat in 12 weeks. do what needs to be done and stop being a big pussy.
Front squat that matches your back squat, what the hell is that?!?!

Definitely. You shouldn’t be able to leg curl 75% of your squat. If that’s the case, then something is seriously wrong. Good mornings shouldn’t be near that close to your back squat. Maybe your legs are too close.

Whetu is right. Challenge yourself. I guarantee you can back squat more than you can front squat. You are selling yourself short. Don’t be afraid to dump a weight, although it’s not the best thing to do.

Well, if I’m not mistaken front squats emphasize quads. His quad strength is obviously good as well as low back strength. And I’m adding “low back strength” in that I’m just assuming there is no excessive forward lean in the front squat and that his Good Mornings are being performed with proper form.

Box squats will do two things: get him over that “mental” hump as well as provide a base to enable him to “explode” out of the squat at that “just below” parallel level. Just a thought.

After reading this I do realize I left out some possibly important points…

For one, my poundages in back squat have been going up. Same for leg curl and calves. Cant really say for the others since I just started doing them a few weeks back.

Also, I’m on tdawg 2.0. Not sure what that may effect, aside from the obvious lesser ability to gain while being hypocaloric.

After reading your responses I think maybe I am a bit wimpy about it (not a BIG pussy though whetu, because i’m not big, i’m only 210). I’m not afraid to miss since I do put those side bars in when I squat (and have missed), but I probably have some nutty fear of straining my back or something.

At least I can’t seem to find a total muscle weakness for this, unlike my bench, which is horse manure due to lats/triceps being small.