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Another Squat Form Check

Here we go again guys.

I’m a beginner, been squatting for only a month so far. Starting from scratch.

I had an ACL/meniscsectomy surgery done on my right knee 5 months ago. I chose the hamstring graft.

out of curiosity, why did you opt for the hamstring graft? Most of the people I know who got acl reconstruction went for the cadaver. How did you injure it?

Wow. Is that a world record for most recorded squats?

Seriously though, they looked pretty good.

My surgeon actually recommended me to go with he cadaver graft. However after days of research I still chose the hamstring graft. The main reason is that the cadaver graft takes longer to grow into the bone tunnel. I didn’t want to be on the sideline for 9 months or however long it is. Also the cadaver graft supposedly looses some strength because they have to freeze it down. And to be honest, I do not fancy the idea of getting a tendon from some dead guy pulled inside of me. It creeps me out…

All in all, the graft choice doesn’t really matter that much. What matters more is that you have a good surgeon, a good PT and keep up the rehab.

I tore in when I was 10 doing kids stuff. I believe I was playing hide & seek, jumped a fence and landed with a straight/hyperextended leg. I’m 22 now so I’ve been without an ACL for 12 years.

Yes, I know. I’m doing 5/3/1 and this was my last set of the squat day. I started waay lighter than my 90% max to give my knee time to catch up with the weights.

I don’t see anything terribly offensive here.

good reason enough I guess. If it were me I would go cadaver simply because I don’t want to sacrifice strength in my hamstrings.

But yeah, your form looks fine to me. Only thing is if its light enough for you to do that many reps, we can’t see if your form breaks down under a heavier load. But since you’re still not that far out from the surgery, I’m guessing that’s intentional.