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Another Squat Form Check

I desperately need feedback on my squat. My last successful cycle of 5/3/1 I did 235x5 on 5/3/1 day. Then during my deload week, I messed up my left hip flexor and ankle. I basically had on and off hip flexor pain in the past, and my left ankle kept acting up. It would feel really stiff and locked up. I ended up trying to work through it, then took 2 weeks off and went to an ART chiro, had 2 sessions where he said my hip flexor was really tight, and my ankle felt ‘locked up’. Its been 31 days since I did the 235x5 squat. I have since lost quite a bit of strength.

I did doing the foamroll/mobility warmup from EC’s Max Strength book. This week I am only doing the prescribed reps on lower body. After warming up, I still felt kind of tight. My ankle still feels like it is locking up. I have attached a video of 215x3 (gear=chucks, belt, wrist wraps).

Sorry for the poor quality. Any feedback appreciated. Thanks

Video not showing up, trying this again…

You need to sit back more. Your forward lean will be more pronounced as you up the weight. Push through your heels.

I can’t tell by the video, but you might try widening your grip on the bar. Your arms look like they are at an uncomfortable angle.

Actually much better than some videos I’ve seen, but just a couple things that jump out at me…

Yes you need to sit back more, break BACK with the hips, not forward with your head. That first rep almost looks like you’re going for a good-morning.

Also, you look pretty tight at the bottom of your squat, but at about 3/4s of the way up, seems like you get really happy, and there is a quick form break, rounding of the upper / mid back, and I cant tell about the lower as well, just before you stand up with the weight. Keep that upper body tightness from start to finish. CHEST OUT!

Thanks for the replies so far. I had a random guy record it on my phone today, and I got a comment about my hand spacing. My grip is about an inch outside the smooth part, and I feel like I need to grip that close just to support the bar. Otherwise, I can’t keep my upper body tight. I can’t seem to build that ‘shelf’ on my back without that kind of setup. I do want to post a vid from the rear to show, perhaps next week.

As far as sitting back, I actually was consciously trying to sit back, but it doesn’t seem like I am doing as well as a job as I am trying to do. I can tell especially by the fact that my knees drift forward.

Any recommendations as to how to sit back more?

Any other suggestions appreciated.

A narrow grip is fine, if it helps you keep the upper body tight, as long as it is comfortable for you. As you get more meat on your traps, the way you place / hold the bar will improve. I suggest you get set, take a nice breath in, lock it in, make sure your chest is UP and OUT, shoulders back and tight, and hold that position as you start your descent. If you break from the hips and keep the upper body in that position, it should force you into a proper squat, providing you’re using a weight you can handle.

Keep the tightness in the upper body all the way through on the way up as well. Most form problems I’ve seen in the gym is on the way back up, and under fatigue, and the chest droops, head goes forward, shoulders go forward, and as a result, back rounds, weight gets forward and off balance, you wind up on your toes, etc. Hope that helps.