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Another Split

Currently I am hitting the gym 5 days a week. (Sometimes 6 if i Had a bad day on a rest day and need to burn some aggression out)
My current workout are looking like this

Inline Bench 4x8 with one warm up
Flat Bench DB press 3x8
Cable Flys 3x10 superset Dips 3x20
Alternating Delt lifs 3x8 superset Dips (BTW I like Dips)
Rear Delt workout Machine 3x10
Shoulder Flys 3x8
Triceps pull down 3x10 superset Behind the head pull downs 3x15
Nose breakers 2x10

Squat 4x10
Hamstring Curls 2x10 Superset Leg Extentions 3x10
Calf raises 3x15
Lat pulls 3x10 Superset Sitting rows 3x10
Bent Over Rows 3x8
Lawn mower pulls 3x10
Various Middle back workouts
Preacher Curls 3x8
Cable curls 3x10
Forearm curls


Same as Monday except with a focus on shoulders instead of chest
i.e. Military press in place of incline

Same as Tuesday but replace squat with dead lift and bent over rows with shrugs

Same as Monday but with Decline Bench and Decline flys


I should also note I eat around 300 carbs, 340 of protein, and fat is about 80 give or take 10g for each

I weight 180 at 5’10"
Currently on my first cycle of Test E at 500mg per week split into 2 doses as well as a kicker of the first 4 weeks of Dbol 40mg ED.

What if anything should I change about my workout?
Ive thought about doing a 5 day split but i just down feel like I would get enough burnt out, I workout in the evenings so I try to give everything I got every day.

[quote]mechnicalman wrote:
My current workout are looking like this[/quote]
Most obvious issue is that you’re treating leg training like an afterthought. Sure, you’re doing it first on those days, but there’s simply no way you can train legs hard and still have enough in the tank for a hard back workout. Plus, simply looking at the volume, it’s pretty clear that you’re trying to take it easy on leg work.

Other than that, I might swap around some exercises (I disagree with supersetting shoulder work with dips and tri work with pulldowns) and I’d mix up some of the rep ranges instead of almost everything being for 8 or 10, but that’s definitely minor compared to the leg issue.

What’s your goal? In the last 4-8 weeks, what kind of progress have you seen in strength and bodyweight?

[quote]I weight 180 at 5’10"
Currently on my first cycle of Test E at 500mg per week split into 2 doses as well as a kicker of the first 4 weeks of Dbol 40mg ED.[/quote]
What’re you currently looking like, bodyfat-wise? Not a percentage, but are you kinda lean, pudgy, average, etc.?

I’m not judging or whatever, but do you really think it’s necessary or smart for someone your age (profile says you’re 20) and size to be using?

Feeling “burnt out” doesn’t mean you had an effective or productive workout. Like I told someone in another thread recently, if you want to feel dead after each workout, finish each session with Crossfit’s “Angie” - 100 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, and 100 bodyweight squats as fast as possible (usually around 20 minutes).

Or you could simply focus on following an actually effective program that gives results week to week and month to month instead of just “feeling” like it was a good workout after an hour or two.

Id have to admit that yea I do take it fairly easy on legs. I used to never do legs at all and ive started phasing in legs workouts over the past month. Finally getting serious about lifting even if i don’t enjoy leg day as much. Im going to take a look at some threads on here so i can build up a much more in depth leg workout. I’m defiantly willing to learn and adapt my workout to be as optimal for me as possible.

My goal is to bulk up to 190 then start cutting down body fat. I would really like to compete in a physique competition next year however I do not know enough about it. I know that may sound stupid but I am learning as I go.

Ive seen fairly solid gains adding 5 pounds per one or two weeks on the core lifts. I currently weigh 174 and (back to the leg topic) if i get my legs proportionate to my upper body then ill hit that 190 mark for sure. When I gain, I dont know if its my muscles getting bigger so i look like my body fat is less or if im losing body fat while I gain the muscle.

I am fairly lean, being able to see my abs and serratus muscles. Most of the fat I store is on my lower back and my obliques.

The dbol and what not is whole different topic. I am young but I understand the risk to benefit ratio. Defiantly was not necessary at my level but Im abut half way though so I don’t want to stop now, 5 more weeks and I’ll start PCT. I just thought it was something that needed to be mentioned.