Another Split To Move On To

I’ve been trying consistently for a few years. Personally I’m not a huge fan of high volume training. I found that with more experience I started to drop volume more and more. So I decided to give DC a try. Followed it for a few Blasts but have to admit it may be too intense for me. Recently I haven’t even been sore the day after and feel like I didn’t really even train the day before. I would train each set to failure and for the most part beating my logbook but found it harder and harder to maintain the concentration and intensity required to get through the whole workout. My first couple of lifts were the most beneficial. I train alone (weird hours), so I feel that an experienced partner may have made the difference.

Anyways I’m looking for another split/program to move on to. Like i said I’m not too interested in high volume, 1 body part every 7 days. I do like higher intensity protocols and heavier weights. I also liked the DC frequency and have 3-4 days to train. I am currently 235 lbs / bf ~13% at 6’. My lifts are Incline 225 x 4, Squat 425 x 6, dead 505 x 3.

I’ve been searching this site for some program advice and have to admit it’s made me a hell a lot more confused then anything! Paralysis by analysis. However I have been thinking about a 3 day split (Chest/Back - legs - shoulders/arms), training 4 days a week, using lowish volume (2 exercises - 7 sets per bodypart) and throwing in Negatives and Partials.

Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated.