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Another Soy question

Im getting ready to do meltdown training coupled with the fat fast diet. Ill be taking the glutamine and another bcaa supplement to protect the lean mass since I wont be taking in very many carbs. Im going to try and keep it under 20 grams of carbs a day. Since grow is out of my price range Im going to use a supplemt called Carb Solutions. Its distributed by Richiardson Labs, Inc. Well the protein in it is a blend of Soy Isolate, Calcium Sodium Caseninate, Whey Protein Isolate, Dried Egg White, and Gluten. Will the soy inhibit my objective to lose fat and keep lean mass in any way over the six week period I will be on this diet and training regimen. I dont know how much soy makes up the protein blend. Thanks for any input.

That company has a bad rep for having a lot more carbs in it than the label says, at least with their protein bars. Plus they count gelatin as protein even though the body can’t really use it as such. And soy? Dude, surely you’ve read the T-mag articles about soy right? If not, use the search engine at T-mag (not here on the forum) and learn. And also, since soy is listed first, than means it’s the predominant protein. In short, this is a bad product.

If your primary goal is to gain and maintain lean body mass, then I would make it a habit of avoiding soy. Even though I do use soy sauce - but it’s not like I “drown” my foods with soy sauce.

However, I would play it safe and avoid soy based products.

the fat fast as described on t-mag calls for a lot of protien powder… so if you use one with a buncha soy in it and you stick to that powder… you may get enough soy which will drop your tlevels which would impede your progres… if you can’t afford grow then perhaps stick to whole foods? don’t get me wrong its great convinience to have food in powdered form while on the fat fast… but if its soy or whole foods then do yourself a favor for the long run and go with the whole foods. Rememmber once you cut calories below maintenance you will lose weight… so just because you may end up taking 100 grams of 60 grams of carbs due to whole foods or what not as long as you figure out a good diet plan you’ll be aight. The fat fast is a very fast results diet, and I can understand why you’d want to stick to it word for word… but if its not budget compatible then whatareyagonnado?

Hey, J! Been there…money can be tight…but supplements are like electronics equipment; there is a BIG reason why a supplement is cheaper, and that’s because of much cheaper and less effective ingredients. Bag these guys.

If price is a factor, and you need more “bang for your buck”, go to the Protein Factory and have them whip you up a good “bulk” formulation. It won’t be as good as “Surge”, BUT much better than throwing away money on a bunch of filler and soy.

Also…there are a few guys on this site who have posted “'po man’s” MRP’s and post workout formulations in the past. Maybe someone will post one on this thread.

Hope this helps!

Your gonna be hating life if your gonna try for 20 grams of carbs a day. Thats like a speck of oatmeal.

What’s the matter with Simply Whey from EAS? It’s like $6 per pound. How much is this Carb Solutions crap? Don’t use it. There are just too many questions floating around about soy to justify it’s use by males.