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Another Social Media “Fitness Celebrity” Outted?


I don’t follow the majority of fitness folks, but this is too darn funny.

And below we see his massive (15 inch?) guns:



That pic on the right looks so photoshopped. No one I know who has massive arms has a frame that small in comparison lol.

And I hate he’s wearing flip flops and cuffed jeans lol.


He’s got a ton of followers. How no one can tell is beyond me.



I think 15" is being generous.


I’m always trying to be nice, even when there’s no real need -lol.



LMFAO…Thanks for posting this. You know me I have huge respect for all the social media types :wink: . I mean shit having a fan base from only posting pics and videos is so inspirational.


Never heard of this guy but I want to know where he got that vest. Asking for a friend…


I looked at carlotanv which is his girl friend’s instagram.

It’s mostly just a lot of posing in yoga pants. She’s a pretty girl, but it’s the same couple of pictures day after day. How much time could you spend posing in your yoga pants before you’d be bored out of your mind?


Most of this guy’s pictures on his instagram look legitimate to me. Plenty of non-photoshopped pictures. I only saw a few that looked questionable.


I only stopped when the sponsors stopped offering me cash to mention their product or hashtag.


Yeah, there are definitely two categories of pics. Some, he looks like a guy who trains hard and has put some time in, and some are obviously manipulated somehow. Seeing them side by side realky makes it obvious though.

This was just several months ago, compare it to the ones where his arms and torso look very impressive (and it’s not just because he’s leaner in this pic, he looks an easy 50 lbs less).



Yea it seemed like most of the photoshopped-looking ones were the more ‘casual’ pictures, mostly wearing some kind of shirt. I was just suggesting that the guy calling him out exaggerated, since there are plenty of pics where you can see what this guy really looks like.


God, haircuts are getting so douchey these days.


Lol, strongman. I’m sure there’s a huge demand for pics of you in yoga pants.

Seriously, I know these people are trying to monetize their hobby, but I think we have thousands of people being paid in likes, or so some stranger on the internet can tell you you’re HAWT.


When you come across a girl whose bio suggests she is some sort of fitness professional but every single post is a duckface/booty pic…where dat fitness @?


My brother jokes that if IG disappeared tomorrow, 99% of the women on there would magically cease being “models.”



He’s joking but it’s basically true.

Just like all those 18 year olds who claim to be millionaire currency traders on there. Reality is they promote some shyster’s app and get to pose in a nice hotel or in front of a rented Bugatti once in a while…


Well, every university has hundreds of women who look just as fit or built as most of these women on IG.

I always imagine that there’s some creepy 45-year-old pizza delivery guy who still lives in his mom’s basement who spends his time “likeing” pics of butts and boobs. Commenting on the pictures of these young girls gives him the impression that he has some interaction with them.

/ mom rant. Lol.


Hate to break it to you but IG is FULL of uni girls flaunting their fluff…

Edit- "Jasmine, UCLA '21, God first…duckface, cleavage booty pic x 537

I mean, FYI…


I know. The bar is fairly low for IG fame, as far as I can tell. I don’t have IG, but I’ve seen enough.

Who knew that posting pictures of your butt or boobs would get a lot of likes from men on the internet? I’d assume half of the likes are other IG “fitness” girls liking each other’s pictures, and the other half are the guy who lives in his mom’s basement I mentioned above. I could be wrong. Probably most of the men who like cleavage pics are super young fitness dudes who look like Channing Tatum. LOL.

But hey, Kim Kardashian’s IG looks like soft core porn, and she’s done alright.