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Another Smolov Experience, Loving It So Far


I figured I'd draft up my own experience with Smolov as I want to reflect on it once I'm done. I'm praying to God I can tough it out the entire cycle. I'll continue to post my thoughts and training log until I'm finished.

The first day was hell. I'd never done that much volume at those weights before. I woke up the next morning sore as f---. The second day was just as bad, if not, worse. I thought I was gonna die in between the first three sets. I also had the feeling that I might throw up (which made me nervous but also proud that I'm doing something right).

The third day (yesterday) wasn't bad at all. I didn't have any soreness in my quads when I woke up. I didn't feel like the weight felt heavy with the high volume. I felt like I breezed through it compared to the first two days.

Granted, I'm only on my fourth day. My 1RM is 325lbs.

Week One Day One:
210lbs 3x8, 230 1x5, 245 2x2, 260 1x1

Week One Day Two:
same as day one

Week One Day Three:
230lbs 4x5, 245 1x3, 260 2x2, 295 1x1

Week One Day Four(today):
Lunges (light weight to stretch thighs): 3x8

Week One Day Five:
Bulgarian Lunges: 3x8

Week One Day Six:
Lunges: 3x8


Good luck! Give it all!


About to start my third week tomorrow. This is where it starts to get intense (for me). This will be the first week of my Base Microcycle.

I feel good, I’ve ordered some Rehband knee sleeves to help further down the road. I ordered the second edition from Dynamic Eleiko, only to find out the day after they shipped them, that Jackal’s Gym sells the originals. I’m pissed because now, once they arrive, I have to send them back for a refund and order the originals from Jackal’s.


Whoa, we’re in the same boat brother.

My 1RM is 325 as well and I’m starting base tonight. Good luck to us both haha

Did you hit the target 85% x 5?


[quote]Invictica wrote:
Whoa, we’re in the same boat brother.

My 1RM is 325 as well and I’m starting base tonight. Good luck to us both haha

Did you hit the target 85% x 5?[/quote]

Yep, it was a little rough, but I got it. Hardest part is just to remember to start with your chest first coming out of the hole. It makes it so much easier.

Good luck to you too man. I hope to hear some excellent results from you (and everyone else running Smolov).


I feel like hell today. First day of the first week of my base microcycle was rough.

230lbs 4x9.

I seriously think I might just put a bucket in my gym bag and keep it with me because I’m getting closer and closer to puking each time I squat this kind of volume.

Tomorrow is 245lbs 5x7.


Nice Stuff! i’m on week three of the mesocycle, and its great, i can feel my squat getting alot stronger. (started with a max of 315, going to retest in a week) After my legs addapted to the high volume it wasnt too bad, but the first week did kinda suck. i started at 220x4x9 and now 250x4x9 feels the same, just with a little more rest/pause.

It is pretty rough on you though, good luck!


I noticed that this morning I did a little more rest/pause myself. This morning was 245lbs 5x7. Not too bad, but I’m finding it hard to keep my lower back solid. Are there any tips anyone can give me to keep it tight?

Also, anybody know good stretches for spinal decompression? I want to make sure I’m stretching out everything that is being overused throughout this program.


No need for spinal decompression, just squat, eat, rest and sleep and repeat.