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Another Small Arm Thread


Okay, I'm getting a little down trying to figure out how the hell to get my arms to grow. I'm wondering if it's a genetics thing becuase I think my lifting numbers are high enough to have some pretty good arms. Many guys I know lift a lot less and have way larger arms. It's a little frustrating....

My numbers:

Bench - 300lbs
DL - 395lbs
Chin Ups - 28
Dips - 5 x BW+90lbs
Squat - 300lbs
BF - 11%
Age - 34

Any suggestions?


Some direct arm work?


Um wouldnt it be more relevant to post numbers pertaining to how much you curl rather than how much you squat in a thread about arm size.

Do you even train your arms?


I guess I've always worked under the impression that arms grow with overall body mass and strength. My has been that it would be more relevant that I can do 28 continuous chin ups with a 185lbs body or my dip numbers rather than a curl number. It seems like some of the best arm sizes on here are coming from guys that do no direct arm work.

Am I wrong?

And to expand a little, my last BB curl set was 5x100 superseted with 5x45 db curls (206 tension sets). I guess I should have stated that my arm size is about 14.5"


Yes. Yes you are.

Get stronger on curls. Add some weight on those chinups. 28 reps is cardio.


Yeah, that freakin Prof X and Synergy and all their lack of direct arm work to get arms as big as they have...............


whooooo has big arms and does not do direct work for them lol?



List needed.


True. And the dudes with the biggest legs do no direct leg work. Pull-ups are good enough.


I think you're wrong buddy and you may be working off an old rule of thumb: don't do direct arm work until you can at least do bodyweight chin ups. I think you've taken chin ups as far as you can and need to focus on some direct arm work.



Thanks for the feedback.

I guess I'm wrong about the direct arm work theory. I'm not saying I skip it all together, I just don't push my numbers the way I do on the compounds. And I do weighted chinups and weighted dips. Sounds like I need to do more isolation arm work.




how tall are you? 185lbs on somebody over 6 feet tall is going to have small arms regardless of how much you curl.


I'm 6' tall and my weight fluctuates between the 185 - 210 or so. I'm not looking to increase my arm size at the expense of of a huge bodyfat increase. Of course I know it increases when you look to add muscle, but I'm not looking for a long term waist increase to go with it.


Yeah, I know I'm behind on arm growth. I'm stronger than a lot of guys in the gym, but their arms are way bigger. Mind sharing some of your max numbers?


Whoever told you in order to gain muscle, you have to gain fat is dead wrong. thats an old myth that unfortunately alot of guys here still beleive in. I have known so many guys that not only didn't gain any fat and gained alot of size, but actually got leaner. yes, leaner.

Sometimes arms don't respond like other bodyparts do. You have to really experiment with many different things. what works for chest and shoulders or back, might not work for arms. maybe you need to do supersets, more reps. more volume with a little less intensity. I've seen little buck 50 dudes curling a 45 on each side. yet, they have puny arms.

learning to curl alot of weight is easy, using leverage, momentum, using other muscle groups to help out. thats why these guys have big curling weight with small little arms. unless you isolate the muscle, and figure out ways to really hit it, you will never get the arms to grow.


Like was said before, this is an arm thread. Why would you be concerned with someone's maxes? How is that relevant to this discussion? You wanted to know if you should do direct arm work and want you arms bigger. I do direct arm work and my arms are a lot bigger than yours. So do direct arm work.

Doesn't matter if your stronger on a compound lift that others in the gym. If your arms are smaller, they are smaller. Do you feel that because you are stronger than others in you gym with bigger arms, you arms should just naturally be bigger?


The general population at gyms are fucking weak pussies. Stop comparing yourself to them. I literally had to hunt down a dude at the gym the other day that could lift a 105lbs db up and hand it to me on incline. Out of the 15+ people in the free weight area, there were 2, besides myself, that can get 105lbs to chest level and hand it off.

The general gym population is pathetic. I hope to christ if you are half way serious about lifting you are stronger than most at the gym.

You need to set your sights a little higher, because comparing yourself to who you are now has lead you to 14" arms...


most of the guys in my gym WEIGH 105lbs LOL. yet they still ""curl"" cough powerclean, 40lbs dumbbells.