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Another Skinny 16 Year Old...

Started to train April 05, but have trained more serious(not dead serious tho`) the last 7 months.
I am about 183cm tall and about 170lbs heavy.

My lifts:
Bench press: 215lbs.
Squat: 230lbs.(yeah, I know, I am a bad squatter…)
Dead lift: 330lbs.

Eat and work hard bro


Ya what exactly are you looking for…

Thanks for sharing.

Stop talking in the gym. Don’t spend any time doing any chest fly movements. Don’t follow a split routine unless it’s push-pull or upper-lower. Don’t worry about losing sight of your abs by stuffing yourself silly. You can probably get away with it anyway. Use close-grip for bench press.

Post your training rountine, diet, and supplementation program. If you’re looking for help and suggestions, there are plenty here who can give you a hand.

My training shedule looks more or less like this:

Deadlift (building up to a top set, reps and sets wary)
Cabel row/barbel row 2-3x8-10
Rack chins 2-3x6-8
Lateral Raise 2-3x8-10
Shrugs 2-3x8-10
Bicep curl/hammer curl 2-3x8-10

Squat (building up to a top set, reps and set wary)
Legpress 2-3x8-10
Sitting/standing Calf raise 2-3x10

Bench press (building up to a top set, reps and sets wary)
Flies(sometimes) 2-3x8-10
pushdowns 2-3x6-10
french press 2-3x6-10

The Abs gets trained one of the days, 2-3x10

For the eating part, its more or less like this:

breakfast: 130-150g Oatmeal
Lunch at school: a half bread/3 eggs and 120g tuna
after school: 130-150g oatmeal
right before training: 1 banana
after training: 2 bananas
dinner: what mom cooks/3-4 eggs and 120-130g tuna
before bedtime: 2-3 slices of bread

I sometimes eat some fruit between the meals.
And I dont use any Suplements.

go find a program that is for beginners such as Waterbury’s anti-bodybuilding hypertrophy. Amazing program, i saw gains of 5 pounds or so and it doesnt seem like a really intense program. It is though. Once your done with that program go to the second half and then branch out to other programs
Keep eating and lifting. Simple as that.

It looks like your undereating but I don’t know the caloric values of all that stuff you put up (exactly). I think you need to work on some diversity in the carbohydrates department. More vegetables, more fruits. They shouldn’t be something you sometimes eat between meals. They should be something you eat with meals, between meals, when you’re walking your dog, when your shitting out the ones you just ate…okay getting a bit carried a way. Anyhow, just try to eat more veggies and fruits. Maybe replace your pre bed meal with a nice big salad with fruit and veggies in it if you don’t want to eat them during the day. Maybe have a glass of milk or two for the casein protein.

Your probably big enough to detest girls your age ^^

But I must say your program seems really short (very few exercises), or is that just me?

[quote]Misterhamper wrote:
Your probably big enough to detest girls your age ^^

But I must say your program seems really short (very few exercises), or is that just me?[/quote]

Yeah it does seem prety low volume…

OP you might want to consider upping the volume a bit on your lifts your still new so you would do well with more volume, dont sacrifice intensity tho.

That and if you dont gain 1-2lbs this week up your calories by at least 500 and so on until you are gaining the weight.