...Another Shoulder Problem

Always had nagging shoulder problems, but it’s to the point where I can no longer get under the bar to squat. The last 2 weeks has been strict posterior chain work with a lot of internal rotator stretches, yet I’m not seeing any improvements. Pain is mostly in the medial head of the deltoid during any form of humeral external rotation or squating. Mild pain occurs with obvious pressing movements. I’m thinking it could just be a strain from having a very narrow squat grip (without properly warming up the shoulders), but I’m looking for those who have had similar issues to tell me …

What’s really wrong with me??? How do I fix it???

Didn’t see you mention foam rolling, but you’re probably already doing that. Here is a video of rehab guru Mike Robertson with some other corrective movements to try- http://train.elitefts.com/exercise-index/obtain-flexibility-in-shoulders/

If you want to continue squatting you might use a yoke bar, which I’ve heard is used at Westside Barbell for regular training anyway.

Thanks for the post JJ. I’ve watched the clip before, I really enjoy all of his stuff as well. I do pec minor/ant. delt rolling with a lacross ball then use a roller at the end. Slowly getting there, I’ve been squatting since but with a significantly wider grip. I have a feeling I might have to stick with this grip for a long while.