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Another Shoe Thread


Alright everyone, I know that there have been a few shoe recommendation threads on here, and trust me, I've read them already. But, one last time, I'd like some general discussion on a comparison between a few different brands. The shoes I was looking at purchasing were the Pendlay Do-Wins, the Adistars, the Risto Sports olympic shoe, and the Nike Romaleos.

Has anyone had experience with multiple shoes, and could give a comparison/recommendation between two or more?


I own four pairs of Oly shoes...:stuck_out_tongue:

Adidas ones from 98/99, one strap across the top, old skool, narrow. I have wide feet and I've found them a bit narrow but still comfy, still going strong after 12/13yrs. The wood at the back isn't solid, it's more like chip board

AdiStars 04: Bought after the 04 Athens Olymic Games. Pretty dam bad ass. A big step up from the Adidas ones I use to wear imo. More comfy, better heel design and better grip

White Nike Romaleos 08 : wider then the AdiStars, really comfy again, well built, feels great, heavier then the AdiStars

Blue Nike Romaleos 09 : Bought off ebay. these are actually 9.5 or so, a bit too big, I used these to squat when I trained at lunchtimes. They are my spare pair. This guy asked if I wanted to sell them at a comp, sorry, these are my back up pairs.

I don't think you can even get the Nikes anymore?



The adistars will decrease your body fat percentage by 2.389723% if you take a pic while holding one of them up


I own both the Ristos from 09 and the new Adidas PowerPerfect IIs. The Ristos were comfortable, wide, but poor quality. The heels started to come off and one of the heels cracked. Also, the rubber on the bottom wore quickly.

The Adidas are great, narrower (but its ok for me), great grip, composite heel that won't break, and look pretty slick I think. I like them and would reccommend them.


Thanks for the help everyone. I've got wider feet, so I think I'll go with the Nikes. Apparently Nike did another limited run not too long ago, and one online store bought the whole thing and are selling the batch. I'll let you know how they feel once I get them.

Its a shame about the body fat drop though... I wouldn't mind competing in 77kg...


Just to update, I went ahead and bought the Nikes. Love em. I tried on a pair of Nike Free's for a size comparison, and then ordered the size based off those. It worked out great.


Cool! take a picture.


hold the shoe with one of your hands in the pic! it will give us an estimate of your bf%


Interesting comparison.

My normal nike trainers are narrower then my Nike lifting shoes.