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Another Sheiko Program


Did some time on the Rippetoe style program followed with some 5x5 linear progression. Then I moved onto 3-5 lifts with 90% or better for a bit then got tired of lifting for 3 months and then back into it doing 5x5 and a little bit of 90% work and some repetition work on squats.

Over the last month and a half I've managed to raise my lifts back to almost normal.

Bench went down from 285 to 275
Squat actually went up to 405 (was 365)
Deadlift went down from 440 to 415 which pisses me off.

I found an excel spreadsheet of the lifts and it was titled "Base/Preparatory plan for Powerlifting". As it is now I've split each day up into two sessions because I just can't deal with that much time in my garage at once with 90+ heat and high humidity.

(I've rounded down anything under 4 or 9lbs)
Mondahy 8/20
Squat - 200 1x5, 240 2x4, 280 3x2, 325 5x2
Bench - 135 1x5, 165 1x4, 190 2x3, 220 6x3

DB flies 5x10 (These always bothered my shoulders so I started really light at 8lb dbs. Next time will do preses)
Squat - 200 1x5, 240 1x5, 280 5x4
Abs - 3x10

This is going to be fucking fun.


Day 2 (August 22nd)

Deadlift - 205 1x4, 250 1x4, 290 2x3, 330 5x3
Bench - 135 1x6, 165 1x5, 190 2x4, 205 2x3, 220 2x2, 205 2x3, 190 1x4, 175 1x6, 165 1x8
Flies (didn't hurt me so doing them again) 10lb 5x10. Try the 15s next week and hoping no pain on them.
Deadlift till knees 205 1x4, 249 1x4, 290 5x4
Good mornings 5x5 (forget weight)

All I can say is my body hurt after all of today in places I have never hurt from deadlifts. It felt like I did a million pullups and rows supersetted.

mmmmmm extra stout.