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Another Seizure From Thailand


So guys my package ordered on 10/1 was also seized. It was sent in 3 packages. Now check this at my box today was my letter from Thailand. It had been opened and resealed with a green tape saying Order Protection or something like that. Inside was my Aroma Therapy Oils order reciept along with a customs letter stating that I had ordered non approved items. Funny thing is it states I ordered

Description: 5 Envelope containing - Methandrostenolone

Doesnt sound like Test Enanthate to mee--- hmmmm

I wonder where the other ones are- in LALA land I hope!


If the damn Thais are going to confiscate your order, by god they should at least have the courtesy to get the damn name right!


would make more sense if they're trying to pass it off as other gear...

the goverment failing to identify gear vs thais sending you what you're under the impression you bought... think about it.

id definatly mention this to said supplier just to see what they have to say.


Yea the letter was from the US Customs Office bro's. So definately Cali customs has really stepped up their game.


Regarding this certain southeast asian company:
I've had 1/2 my orders seized. (For some reason I've not received any letters) I see more and more posts about seizures from them. They need to come up with a new system since this one has obviously been compromised. Until then we need to think twice about ordering from them and pissing away our hard earned money. That's just my 2 cents.