Another School Shooting in Indiana

A Indiana middle school experienced a school shooting today. 2 in injures and the shooter in custody.

I don’t understand this super orgasmic love some people have for Guns. Kids are getting access to guns and are taking them to school.

I’m down for gun control. If that can help reduce school shootings than I am happy with that.

I’m also down for harsher punishments on the parents of the shooters.

Do you vote?

Did we even talk about the Texas shooting?

Here’s my take. Many of us understand what guns are, what they are for, and respect them for what they can do. Then something heinous happens and we get lumped in with irresponsible gun owners and the nut jobs who have a “super orgasmic love” of guns and we just bury our feet, brace for impact, and reject whatever “control” you want because, don’t take this personally, but fuck you that’s why.

Most gun owners are reasonable people. I do not want school shootings. Explain how penalizing parents more severely after the fact will result in less mass shooting? Perhaps parents will secure their weapons better, but, more likely, the responsible owners will continue to secure their weapons as they already do and the terrible parents will continue to leave their unsecured.

I’m down for shifting state troopers from giving revenue generating speeding ticket to protecting schools. This won’t actually solve the problem, the shootings will just be somewhere else.

I’m down for a lot of solutions actually. I don’t want kids being shot at school. It’s just that none of them revolve around the talking point “gun control” because, well, we have gun control. A lot of gun control and it doesn’t seem to be working. We should try something else.


Fine, take all the guns. I believe the Texas shooting involved a shotgun and handgun, yet he managed to kill 10 and injure 10 others. Saw a headline, USA today I think, saying this makes the 21st of the year.

Take 'em all away. Hopefully though, we might care to find out why kids have started doing this. Bullying? Since the dawn of man. Guns. Been around since the US. Dunno. Guns, guns, guns, guns, guns, yada, yada. Well, I’m asking what the hell has happened?

Agreed. For once, it would be nice to try and solve the root of a problem vs. throwing a band-aide on it.

When someone’s stabbed or punched in school, do you not understand that person’s super orgasmic love for sharp objects or their fists? Or are you wondering why they stabbed someone/people or punched someone/people…When a crowd is mowed down by someone in a van, do you wonder why someone has a fascination for automobiles or do you wonder what would motivate someone to drive a van into a crowd?

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I think that misses his point.

Nothing will ever happen unless everything is on the table. Any study that would include the role of guns will get shot down. I’m in favor of lawful gun ownership but they can’t be treated as untouchable when studying gun violence.

Good for you. I don’t.

EDIT: Don’t mean to be abrupt; if I had more time I’d like to engage with you more deeply - I always learn something from you when we talk - but I don’t have the time to get into a conversation right now.

Why would the role of guns be included? Honestly, asking. Nobody denies that they are the tool in a school/mass SHOOTING. It’s like studying the role of cars in DWI, no? I think the point that is being missed is WHY are these kids now using guns so often in this manner. Right?

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It’s like suddenly previously present inanimate objects have somehow begun influencing the minds of children and teens in greater numbers. I’m thinking our shitty culture, created by many minds, is what is influencing minds… Take away the guns, completely. Those minds are still poisoned. Something is still screwing up children/teens in very scary ways.

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I hope you’re wrong because gun confiscation is never going to be on the table in America as long as it’s called America.

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It should be part of the discussion. How can there be an honest attempt at finding solutions if we set conditions?

The answer to your first question is found in your post: “they are the tool in a school/mass SHOOTING.”

No, it’s like studying the role of alcohol.

Oh, in the end I really am fine with guns being on the table. But they aren’t what’s fueling this. They’re simply tools to carry out this phenomenon. I just don’t want to see 1st amendment fetishization with the 2nd fetishization . There’s some kind of poisonous message out there, be it in music, video games, movies/tv, internet, or wherever.

No, it’s actually not. Alcohol affects the mind. The gun is like the vehicle. Whatever is actually poisoning minds is like the alcohol.

Driving under the influence of…Alcohol. Shooting under the influence of…?


So why not look into that? A gun can be viewed as a sign (speaking from a semiotic view) therefore it does communicate something as all signs do.

Which makes studying the idea of taking away guns to see if that would work worthwhile.

Don’t know what the answer is for America and I think you are right that guns aren’t the driver but it does make it more likely that mass causlties can happen.

From my own perspective, I grew up around guns, was one of the small percentage in the UK that did. I served as well and I would like to learn to hunt but I am not around firearms at all anymore except for events on stag do’s etc. When the law changed after dunblane I thought it was a knee jerk reaction. But looking back I was wrong as we’ve had no school shootings since, I’m glad that we did it. Sometimes a leep has to be made even as an interim solution.

A gun communicates a message. It has a symbolic meaning. Thus, it can affect the mind.