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Another School Eating Thread

Let’s say I can for sure have
4 eggs
1 chicken breast
unlimited PB
unlimited ww bread
unlimitied protien shake (slow+fast proteins)
unlimited tuna
unlimited milk

And you have only 10$/week to spend on food, you want to eat clean and you need more muscle and less fat.

Before you tell me that isn’t possible I’ve been dirty bulking for several months and am between 15 and 20 percent BF. I think I can gain more pounds of muscle and lose 10-15 pounds of fat.

I need at least 2 meals for school. I was thinking

4 eggs
2 piece ww toast

Protein shake in whole milk

1chicken breast and a peanut butter on ww sandwich

3:00 lifting

4:00 PWO shake

4:30 dinner (typically healthy, whatever rents make)

7:00 can of tuna and idk what else

9:30 3 spoonfulls of PB and 3 cups of milk

I just need to drop to say…10% bodyfat. I don’t want to be chubby for swimming in gym class. And I don’t want to have to drop an obscene amount of water to compete at 181 with a 2 hour weigh in.