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Another Scheduling Question, Need HELP


Hey guys, I am needing some help with my scheduling. The main question is, how do I insert my conditioning into a lifting program that is going to help me maintain my size and physique, progress my strength, increase functionality, and lead positive changes in body composition. I have spent the past few months gaining my strength back from a rehabilitated shoulder, (put on close to 20 lbs between my highest and lowest. Im now wanting to lean out a bit, and take the strength I built and make it more functional.

My methods:
running on off days (strong 3 miles), and by doing complexes (but not sure where to put them)
complexes are intense, for example: kb snatches for 6 min strait, rest, followed by something like (dips, pull ups, v ups, front squats) back to back for 5 minutes. i might do several different ones to keep heart up for over 20 minutes. (i really notice the difference on the matts with kb work.

I am trying to decease my overall time in the weight room because it takes me away from my studies (full time student) which takes away from my time on the jiu jitsu and kickboxing matts. I find the balance for over training is really easy to cross unless I am eating and sleeping like a pig, however, Im trying to get the abbs to come through, cause i got fat in the bulk.

My lifting was a 5 day a week split, I want to move it down to 3 or 4 and do the complexes at least twice a week without totally destroying my recovery, but i noticed even the first week down to a 3 day a week split, i feel smaller.
My ideas: back and tri, Chest and Bi, shoulders at Legs. or .... Back Chest, Arms, Legs shoulders.

Style: I generally hit the big lifts first, (powerlifting backround) maybe 5x5 followed by what i feel is the next most important, followed by something really for the "beach" look. (im twenty yrs old and I enjoy it, its how it goes).

I like to lift opposite muscles in a day if I can, because it keeps intensity high, sweat pouring, and reduces time, however at the end of one of these days, the complexes are really tearing me down, I feel "small" even with good nutrition.

So how do I do what I want, reduce time, and still make progress.
Note that I am not training martial arts at a competitive level right now (at least in my opinion), only 4 to 8 hrs a week depending on school.
20 yrs old
156-163 lbs
on a good week:
dead: 335x4 conventional
squat 315x3 past parallel.
bench 210x4
pull ups; 40lbs x5 (still gaining back to normal from shoulder which was about 50x5
overhead db press 65x4-5
currently taking animal pack, and a nitric oxide pill, and always whey pre and post workout, Casein on hard lift nights.
please dont flame for "trying to do everything" I am simply trying to find my balance, between strength, physique, functionality, and technique (martial arts).

Also, does anyone think it is actually possible to gain muscle, and still trim up? Cause i fuck this bulk/cut process anytime i have tried.

I no its long, Thanks for anyones input. Posting in both body buliding and conditioning forum.