Another Sad Soul Dealing with Libido Issues. Next Steps?

Did you have better erectile strength and/or more penile sensitivity when on pellets?

In general, no. On pellets I never got much better than 6/10. The 1/10 libido is new and likely largely related to my semi recent divorce. I am currently thinking of going to 180 T split twice weekly and adding 100mg/day of P5P and see where that leads me.

  1. Ignore all nonsense about “ex wife blabla issues blabla”, wouldnt matter at all if ur hormones was optimised for libido, quack.

  2. Your problem is too high estrogen aswell as prolactin, get em in order and u good to go.

  3. Ur SHBG is perfect.


Prolactin is high, Ill give @equel that. But dont mess with two things at once. He may think that mental issues are BS but divorce is not like you broke up with some chick. You were in relationship with someone you tried to have kids with, and you have baggage to unload. So def get your mental health straight. Some guys can move on and keep banging, most have to fake it til they make it, The ex needs to move out of your head.

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1,000% Thanks to all for the comments and suggestions!

UPDATE: It has only been one week, but things have improved dramatically, that said, I was starting at a very low bar. Libido is returning but my sensitivity is still playing catch up… But again, I gotta let this ride for a bit for things to settle.

I increased my Test C to 180/wk (2 injections) and added 100mg P5P… Mental health is also undoubtedly a helping factor, I am becoming more comfortable with the new GF and my stupidly feeling like I am somehow cheating on my ex is fading… once you start to return to normal sex the mind F, fades and the dominoes fall. So while I am not sure if was any one thing or the entire combination, but wow, what a slump to be crawling out of… I plan on staying on this regimen for 6 to 8 weeks then do full bloods to see where things sit on paper. If all continues well I am hoping my Tampa telemed clinic is going to be ok with my elevated T, but if I still feel good and they protest, I will be finding a doc that is good with keeping me feel right.