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Another Run at Smolov


Been back at the weights for the last ~4-5 weeks with the first couple weeks pretty light to test the shoulder.

Thinking of doing smolov for front squats again.

This will be the third time i've done it ( just the base cycle ). Last time my front squat went from 225 to 265.

Stuff I will be doing differently:

Surge Workout Fuel instead of double dosing regular Surge.

Other exercises. The past two times I didn't really do anything else besides squat.

I'll use this as a log I guess and a comparison between regular Surge and Workout Fuel.


Oh, I did 245 last night. Wasn't too bad chest came forward a little. Might use 255 or 265 in the calculator for this. Suggestions or comments welcome.


Get an actual 1rm before you rush in.


Good to see you making another Smolov run, Tstud. Are you playing seven's, or are you still sidelined? Also, I know you were trying to put on a little mass. How has that been going?


First game since surgery will be a sevens tournament July 25th. Still working on putting on more mass.


Decided to jump in today as Surge Workout Fuel and Spike arrived.

Got all the sets for Day 1: 4x9 @ 182lbs (calc said 182, i have two 11lb plates)

Too early to tell about workout fuel but:

I hit all sets/reps with a higher max in the calc (260) / I haven't exactly been prepping for smolov.

4x9 is my least favorite day, and usually leaves me in shambles afterwords. Legs are sore, but I still have plenty of energy, no weak/pre vomit feeling.


I have enough time at home, so I think i'm going to try the intense phase this time if everything goes well during the base.


Soreness is not as bad as I was expecting.


Day 2 5x7 195 Done! Spent the day recovering from yesterday, still pretty sore before the workout as well. Few tough sets, exactly as I remember from last cycle. Will have videos for 7x5 210 and 10x3 225.


Weighed 200.6 just now. most i've weighed in several years, close to the most ever.


A little bored tonight so I decided to get another workout in. Workout fuel was great, felt like I couldve been in there another hr. Worked up to a single of 185 on bench and +90 on weighted chin-ups.

95 x 4
115 x 4
135 x 3
160 x 3
170 x 3
175 x 1
185 x 1

Chin up
Bw (201) x 3
211 x 3
226 x 2
246 x 2
276 x 1 x 1
296 x 1
256 x 2

Had intended just doing 3x3 @ 160 on bench but I had tons of energy after each set. In perspective last week I hit 150 5x3 and 165x1 the week before that. Shoulder feels fine.


Had to push day 3 back a day after a rough day of work. 7x5 210 Went well tonight, last few sets were kind of tough. Workout fuel is working well.


Set 1: 210 x 5


Set 7