Another RIP Thread

We probably should just leave a single open ended dead bodybuilder thread at this point. One of my favorites, Cedric McMillan is apparently dead. Heart attach supposedly.



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One of my favorites too. Cedric had one of the most aesthetic physiques in the open category. Saddened indeed, over his passing.

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Physique and personality. I’d really been looking forward to seeing him back to his old self after all the health issues, but I didn’t realize how bad the issues had been.

Tribute and interesting take from Dante Trudel/Doggcrap (his one time trainer)


ah dammit, comments was the main bit. Here it is:


“Post 1) I cannot stand when people use someones passing as a marketing opportunity so please take note and recognize that I dont train people anymore, havent for a very long time and will NEVER train anyone EVER again…so this has nothing to do with that and is more about my association/dealings with Cedric over the years and just telling a little story. I trained Cedric twice in his career. The first time (pic one) he came to me after he won his pro card at the Nationals in 2009. As you can see by the pic he was really worried about his arm size competing in the pro’s and wanted my help with that and also overall size. He felt he was too stringy looking to stand next to other pros. So I said “ok its my way on no way, we are going to grind this out dude” and he agreed. I got rid of all the fluff exercises he was doing, debrainwashed him on the exercises and training he was doing that I felt was nothing but useless fluff and got down to brass tacks. We started doing heavy reverse grip bench presses for 16-25 reps in the smith machine, a lot of hammer curl stuff, and just did a lot of like I said” grind it out" progressive training on productive exercises. I had to continually get on him to “trust the process”, that these little foo foo exercises he had done dont add up to grandiose muscle mass. I promised him on my word this will work. And it did IN SPADES. As you can see in pic number two, he mesomorphed into a straight out beast with massive arms. He then wanted to try some different things later on and went off on his own (hey this isnt mafia, you arent in DC training for life, its your choice)… after a couple of shows he was off in and getting smoked in 11th place at the NY Pro, he came back to me and said “Ok i got away from what worked…can we do this again? " He wanted to make an all out assault on the 2012 NY Pro and destroy everyone there”. (Continued in post 2)

  • Post 2: For the 2012 NY Pro, Chris was adamant he wanted Cedric totally off for a length of time for much of that whole offseason. I designed everything I wanted Cedric to do training wise. Back to the grindstone, subtract all the foo foo exercises again…progressive training, logbook, I want to see the workout logs to make sure the plan was followed…the whole gamut. I have pictures of Cedric totally cleaned out. I am not going to post them because you guys would not believe it. He was a genetic marvel, an absolute specimen. At 260 offseason his cleaned out pics would destroy 90% loaded to the gills bodybuilders…it was truly ridiculous. I believe i shared them with Andrew Berry once and I think Dusty too…but I have and will keep them to myself. As soon as a little TRT/HRT was hit he exploded up to 292lbs over the next 60 days…its was bonkers. Chris took over everything and guided him in and Cedric showed me this pic during his way in during prep (pic number 3) and I knew right there every other pro bber at the NY PRO was in serious trouble and it was a fight for second place. Chris guided him in and did his magic and Cedric absolutely destroyed everyone…CRUSHED IT! Pics 4 5 and 6. (Continued in post 3)

Definitely one of my favorite bodybuilders, a true, proud American Patriot :facepunch::us::pray:t4: thank you for your service RIP

Post 3: After he slaughtered everyone at the NY PRO, Cedric kind of ventured off and did his own thing again for a few years…and had a couple of bad placings at some shows…and I cannot remember the exact year but he wanted to come out and live with me for 6 weeks before that years Olympia. I straight out told him the truth as I know it. I could not change him enough to do him justice in 6 weeks especially in a calorie deficit during a prep. I told him he needed to come to me much earlier and in the offseason so i could look at his physique and make the changes to his build that I felt were necessary. He was not happy with me at all during this conversation and took it as I didnt believe in him. Trust me if there was anyone I believed in it was Cedric, I tried to clearly explain my position to him…but he wasnt having it…he really took my rejection of the timing of that to heart. Regardless of that, this was a really good person, a family man, a gentleman. I wasnt extremely close to Cedric like others were but every interaction I had with him, he was beyond respectful and just a great guy. Its a very sad day in bodybuilding to lose someone of this nature. Rest in Peace Cedric…you have left a legacy to be admired as a man and in the bodybuilding genre. He loved the DCstroyer shirt so heres to you Ced (pic 7) I wish your family, friends and loved ones my condolences."

-A lot to unpack and read between the lines there from Dante but seems like never coming off for years at a time + heavy blasts /“tapering UP” into a show = no bueno


Stacey Cummings…another death in the bodybuilding world

Not dead yet, and not a top pro, but Calum Von Moger is apparently in a medically induced coma in the ICU. He was a huge influencer with a big following, but life has been spiraling towards a catastrophe for a while now. Debts, legal problems, fleeing the country, road rage assaults, drugs, parents kicking him out, etc. Rumors are he was high on meth and jumped through a glass 2nd story window. He’s apparently badly cut up from the glass and seriously injured his spine. Rumors of it being gang related too.


Fucking Christ. I hadn’t heard about this, just read up on it, I’ll be following it.

That’s so sad. I’ve followed him for years, and I really, really like him. I hope he pulls through, and subsequently finds a way to put his life back together.