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Another Request For First Cycle Advice

I am very seriously considering taking the plunge and doing a cycle of the juice, and would like some advice. My main goals are fat loss while maintaining muscle. The reason I am considering drugs is I seem to experience fairly rapid drop offs in strength and muscle size anymore whenever I drop calories much below maintinance.

I already have 23 tabs of 50mg Winny, some clenbuterol,and a boat load of nolvadex. I had my liver vaules checked a while back and they are fine.


I am thinking something along the lines of this:

Wk 1-4: 200mg 2xWk Tren Hex with 600mg front load, 50mg Winny ED, Proviron

Wk 5,6: 50mg Tren Ace ED, 50mg Winny ED, Proviron

Wk 7: Clen
Wk 8: Clen, PCT (nolvadex)
Wk 9,10: PCT

My thinking behind this is that the winny will counteract the possibility tren gyno, while proviron will keep the dick in working order. Switching to tren ace at the end should allow for quicker recovery.

I have read, however, that problems with progesterone and prolactin only occur with tren when stacked with an aromatizing drug. I am curious what you guys think about this.

Also, will proviron do the trick here? If so how much should I take?

Thirdly, I have read that it is possible to eat the Fina pellets, albeit with a low (20%) absorbtion. It seems like it would be expensive at best, and bullshit at worst to me, but if this is true I would rather cough up a few extra bucks than pin every day. Especially since it is only for 2 wks.

Thanks for any feedback

Do not eat the pellets…

You will only need to inject eod with the tren ace and The cycle looks good except I am no expert nor do I know much about proviron.

The only thing I do know to tell you is that you will need to start your pct within 2-3 days after your last tren inject. There will be too low of a drug concentration in your system for you to go any longer than that without restarting your nuts.
Good luck

Plus, the pellets have other things added in that’ll help cattle put on weight, but that you should want nothing to do with. Estrogenic componds I believe.

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I am under the impression that the only pellets with estrogen in them are the Synovex Test Prop pellets. I could be wrong there, though. I didn’t really buy into the whole eating the pellets thing too much. Seemed to me like it would be too easy. Oh well, I forsee chemistry experiments and a bunch of needles in my future.

Also, perhaps I misunderstood something, but I was under the distict impression that gyno with tren was a real possibility, not through aromatization but through prolactin/progesterone, which winny can counteract. Is this something that is so rare I shouldn’t worry about it, or pure BS?

“Now, what about gyno? Ask anyone around and you will see that, although it can happen, gyno from fina is quite rare. Arimidex, etc will not prevent gyno from fina, so if you are truly paranoid, simply supplement with 50mg of winny EOD.”


I hate it when people quote sites and don’t put a link, so I hope it passes muster this time around.

"There is some concern as to fina being progestagenic, so you should you opt to stack it with an aromatizable compound it may worsen potential gynocomastia so adding winstrol or Nolvadex, or even both to such a stack may be wise. "

Thanks for the tips about starting PCT earlier, everyone. Any thoughts on the Proviron?

Yanbu is right. There is no estrogen element in the Finaplix pellets. Finaplix pellets contain 20mg of trenbolone acetate in each pellet. The other cattle implant you are refering to with the estrogen element is Synovex. A dose of Synovex contains 200mg of Test Prop and 20mg of estradiol.

DO NOT EAT ANY PELLETS. The binders and glues are VERY toxic, and are meant for absorption through an inplant gun. These pellets are not administered orally, not even to animals.

If you have access to pellets, simply make your own home brew of Fina/Tren and start poking away. Good luck.

I’ve read instructions on home brewing from pelets and I know there are compounds that settle out once liquified that you need to exclude when tranfering the compound. I guess most of that is from the binders and glue and not estrogen. I had mistakenly thought they all had estrogenic compounds.

Live and learn.